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Why industrial websites need SEO

If your company has a website, more than likely it’s because you want prospective customers to find out about you, just as they would by viewing your ad in a trade publication or by walking by your booth at a trade show.

The difference, however, is that the Internet is far less organized than a trade magazine or trade show, with many more potential businesses competing for your prospects’ attention.

SEO (aka search engine optimization, SEO marketing or organic SEO) is a way of helping search engines organize their results better so that your prospects can find you by searching on keywords that are important to your industry.     

Depending on the competitiveness of the industry in which you do business, important keywords can generate millions of web page results on the search engines, making it nearly impossible for prospects to locate your website if it’s not showing up on the first couple pages.

SEO, like traditional marketing, is a way of organizing information on your website and establishing Internet-wide guideposts to it (also known as backlinks or inbound links) so that the search engines understand which search terms are important to your business and display your site when your prospects or customers use them.

This is a pretty critical process to the overall success of your website.  The results on the first page of Google get 92% of the overall traffic for any particular keyword search. If your site isn't showing up on the first couple pages of search engine results, your site is probably getting very little traffic other than from people who already know you.  You can liken SEO or, rather a lack of SEO, to being given the last booth in the last aisle of the East Hall at McCormick Place in Chicago.  While your competitors in the South Hall are having long, productive conversations with prospects, you’re spending your time talking to the other poor souls whose booths are next to yours. 

Having a properly optimized website is like being at the front of the trade show hall with the biggest booth at the show – your site is front and center at the top of search engine results for all your prospects to see and to be able to interact with you.       

Because being at the top of search results has such a large impact on the success of a website, the search engines have crafted pretty complicated methodologies for determining who gets there.  By using SEO, you can navigate the rules the search engines have established and position your site to be one of the top sites listed.

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