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Industrial Website Design

Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know. For more than 20 years, the experienced staff at Pilot Fish has provided professional website design and SEO services to industrial and other B2B clients.

Working with industrial companies is our bread and butter, and we enjoy it. Most industrial companies don’t have big Fortune 500 budgets – so we don’t waste their time giving them Fortune 500 type of proposals.

We focus on what’s important – delivering value with a well-designed site that presents the company’s content in a compelling way and that is structured to perform well on the search engines. After all, what’s the point of having a really great-looking site if no one can find it?

Our industrial website design process begins with finding out what our clients want from their website, including what appeals to them aesthetically. Every industrial website is custom-designed to portray the public image each of our clients wants for its company.

Other critical pieces of a website redesign include:

  • Website Navigation: We work with our clients to create website navigation that is easy for visitors to use and understand, clearly describes the company's activities at a quick glance, provides an uncluttered pathway to pages deeper within the site, and propels site visitors to explore deeper into the site.
  • Page Content:  Your website should educate unfamiliar site visitors about your products or services and the value proposition you offer.  It should entice prospective customers to contact you to learn more or to request a quote.  Pilot Fish's talented content writers work with you to identify the types of content that belong on your site and develop site content that positions your company as an industry leader.     
  • Image Selection:  Internet is said to be the great equalizer, but that's only true if your website looks as good as your competition.  The first step in that process is choosing high-quality images that represent your business in a professional manner.  Pilot Fish's experienced graphic designers can work with your images and/or stock photography to create a website design that puts your company's best foot forward.
  • SEO: The best time to think about search engine optimization is before you start redesigning your website.  The most effective SEO strategy includes upfront involvement by expert SEO specialists, who will provide input in the structure of site navigation and button names, how many pages and what content will be included on the site, page names, and site content writing.  Pilot Fish content writers are skilled SEO specialists who can guide your industrial company's website redesign project to a successful launch and better performance on the search engines.    

How well do we do that? See what our clients say about us or view the industrial website design samples below. Or learn more about our proficiency in industrial website SEO.

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