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SEO and Web Design Testimonials

The team at Pilot Fish is proud of the relationships we maintain with our clients and the SEO results we're able to attain for them. Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with our SEO and web design specialists:


Finding the right SEO firm for our industrial company seemed like a daunting task in 2016. We knew our site needed help, but we were concerned about giving control of our website to a firm that knew nothing about our company or industry or being subjected to SEO changes that wouldn’t be appropriate for our business. And, with so many SEO companies out there, which one would be the right SEO partner? Pilot Fish stood out among the others we interviewed and allayed those concerns. They provided us with a detailed site review and specific recommendations for improving the performance of our site – without any commitment or sales pressure.

They provided great coaching on website marketing and were able to answer every question, big or small, to our satisfaction – even before we signed on. Once on the project, our account manager Beth proved to be a great listener and adept learner. She gives us sound suggestions that make sense for our website. Rather than taking over the site, Pilot Fish has become our partner, providing valuable consultation and SEO content.

Like many companies, we’d had a website for a long time, but knew it wasn’t performing as well as it could. Pilot Fish has guided us to make adjustments for a more content-driven site, one that has improved our positioning as an expert in our industry and enabled our website to become the #1 lead generator for our company.

We’ve seen improvements in lead conversions, site engagement and time on site as a result of Pilot Fish’s SEO efforts. Their recommendations on content marketing have been a game changer for us, and we’ve since redirected our marketing budget to put digital at the forefront of our marketing efforts. Now heading five years into the business relationship, the team at Pilot Fish is just as engaged as ever, providing insightful, timely and relevant recommendations that cover the latest trends in SEO, enabling our company to maintain its leadership position on Google.

Paul Cassidy
Director of Sales
American Punch Company
Manufacturer of ironworker tooling and precision tooling for metal working, stamping and roll forming.


As a result of working with Pilot Fish over the last three years, we’ve seen the number of sales leads from our website almost triple, and our sales team says those leads are by far better than any we get from tradeshows or any other marketing efforts.

The Pilot Fish team has always been very proactive in making recommendations to improve not only our SEO performance, but also other technical aspects of our site, making it a lot easier to take care of something before it blows up. In fact, just last week, they provided details on critical security fixes we needed to apply to our site and our server to meet new standards that Google Chrome will be enforcing in the next few months.

Their recommendations are on point and they provide regular communication and reports so we can track our progress. We appreciate their professionalism, attentiveness, expertise and results. The proof is in the pudding.

Jim Finnerty
Product Manager
Wintriss Controls Group | Shop Floor Connect
Manufacturer of press automation controls and safety products as well as production monitoring software for various manufacturing industries.


Last year, the number of visitors to Tri Tool’s website improved 25%, but what’s more astounding is the quality and number of leads received.  During that time, our website leads increased 95% and the number of projects we won from those leads doubled.

Pilot Fish has been a true partner in our ongoing marketing efforts, making timely and valuable recommendations for the site and helping us to prioritize a lengthy workload into tasks that will have the most impact for our business.

Angela has gained a true understanding of our company and its business priorities and has helped us identify the most effective way to reach prospective customers online through search engine optimization.

Laurie Earl
Marketing Manager
Tri Tool
U.S. manufacturer of pipe bevelers and machining equipment, orbital welders and tube cutting equipment.


Right from the start, the Pilot Fish team helped identify issues and fixes for problems we were having with our search engine performance and Google Analytics. They’re comprehensive in their approach to SEO and proactive in recommending actions that will improve our site’s performance. 

I appreciate the regular communication and reporting and the ease with which I’m able to reach them, when needed. Although we do not sell directly from our site, we’ve found the SEO work to be a worthwhile investment in the additional visibility we’ve attained on Google and qualified leads we’ve been able to send to our sales team. 

Lloyd Pillsbury
President, Production Resources Inc.

Distributor of metal stamping, conveying and pressroom equipment, covering Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and western Pennsylvania.


Our website ProVia.com is a critical element of ProVia’s business for growing brand awareness, attracting prospective customers and connecting them with our dealers. Before meeting the people at Pilot Fish and over the past decade we have partnered with 3 different web companies to help us increase traffic. Each company had a scheme for growing our traffic; however, each one failed to produce justifiable and quantifiable results.

Then we met Pilot Fish. Angela Charles and her team did a thorough, no-nonsense analysis of our website and proposed a plan for getting the site on track with our goals. Their recommendation included an approach to SEO that was based upon their comprehensive understanding of how search engines function. Where other companies wanted to sell us a “branded package” with “guaranteed results”, Angela was honest with us and told us that due to the ever changing search engine landscape there are no guarantees. However, when she explained the tangible steps that she would take to get us recognized with search engines, it all made a lot of sense, so we trusted her enough to get started.

The first few months saw very limited results in increased traffic. However, Angie assured us that it takes time to build sustainable credibility online. It takes hard work and persistence – both of which she demonstrates very well. Then a few months into our partnership we started seeing the needle move! At the time I’m writing this testimonial we’ve been partnered with Pilot Fish for 19 months and keyword rankings continue to improve and we’ve been seeing sustained double digit growth.

I am amazed at how quickly Angie gained an understanding of our product and our audience. In addition to leading our SEO efforts, she has also become a valued partner with the usability and content of our site. It’s important to attract people to our site, but it’s as important to retain them with valuable content and easy to use navigation.

We also rely on Pilot Fish for the back-end development of our site. Our in-house graphic designers create all of the graphics elements for the site, but the engine that drives it must be robust enough to handle all of the functionality that our users require. We have been extremely pleased with the level of competence demonstrated by the Pilot Fish developer that’s assigned to our site. He is an excellent communicator and efficiently creates solutions for functionality that we want to add to the site.

I would recommend Pilot Fish to anyone who is interested in sustainable growth in their web presence.

Joe Klink
Director of Corporate Relations
U.S. manufacturer of entry doors, windows, vinyl siding, manufactured stone and metal roofing.



In 2014, Pilot Fish completed full web design and on-page SEO work for two websites owned by GCH, of Warren, Mich. The first site, Total Grinding Solutions, was a new company website. Pilot Fish took what some might consider a mundane manufacturing topic (centerless grinding machines) and turned it into a dynamic, attractive, and well-optimized site for a new business reaching out to a global marketplace. 

The second project was a complete redesign of GCH Tool, a leading supplier of grinder spare parts and spindles, as well as grinder repair services. The new site provides logical, easy-to-use navigation for a large site with many call-to-action opportunities, optimized content and an attractive, clean design.

Following completion of the site redesigns, both companies began and continue to participate in Pilot Fish’s off-page SEO program.

Pilot Fish completed the redesign of a third GCH company website – GCH Machinery – in June 2016. The GCH Machinery site features fully responsive design, before and after photos of the company’s grinder remanufacturing capabilities, and many videos.

View the testimonial letter provided by GCH Tool’s president and CEO, Daniel Geddes.
Manufacturer of centerless grinders and double disc grinding machines, grinding machine parts and components and grinder remanufacturer.


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