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Custom B2B SEO Services

Ever wonder how some companies seem to be so successful at having their websites show up at the top of Google?  With millions of web pages competing for 10 spaces on Page 1 of Google, it’s no accident which websites earn a first-page position – they’ve earned that position through search engine optimization, or SEO.

As a B2B SEO agency, Pilot Fish specializes in developing B2B websites that are optimized for SEO performance.   Our B2B SEO services are customized to the needs of each client based on a website review and designed to position your site in front of the prospects you’re trying to reach.  

SEO has become much more complicated since the early days of Google and other search engines.  With more than 200 factors contributing to the ranking of any website, it’s important to work with SEO specialists who understand your market and business objectives.

Pilot Fish is geared to provide B2B SEO services that make sense for your company, with strategies and techniques that are appropriate for industrial businesses.

We provide our custom B2B SEO services in two formats, either full-service SEO or SEO consulting, depending on what the client needs and the in-house capabilities they have available.

Our full-service SEO program encompasses everything that is needed for industrial and other B2B websites to have a fighting chance for first-page rankings on Google and other search engines:

  • Evaluation of your existing site to determine search engine optimization needs;
  • Keyword and competitor research to determine the best overall set of keyword terms for top search engine rankings;
  • Website content writing revisions (on-page SEO), including the main content areas of your website, page titles, descriptions, H1 and image tags to improve on-page optimization;
  • Site navigation or programming changes to correct any impediments to higher search engine placement;
  • Off-page SEO in the form of content marketing and site promotion within your industry and the Internet overall.

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