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MB Kit Systems wins in website redesign, SEO collaboration

PROJECT:  Industrial website redesign, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing

Many industrial firms that have developed trusting, long-standing relationships with their traditional marketing agencies oftentimes get shortchanged when it comes to the development of an effective website because their agency doesn’t understand or have the expertise in SEO and won’t admit it.

MB Kit Systems website

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with MB Kit Systems, whose marketing partner, GrayHouse Media, contacted Pilot Fish to partner on a website redesign for the manufacturing company.   

For the past 10 years, MB Kit Systems has relied on GrayHouse Media for predictable, high quality marketing and visual media requirements.

These requirements include video presentations, marketing pieces, brochures, magazine ads, digital ads, market specific brochures, website enhancements, high quality still photography and corporate image design.

Most recently, MB Kit Systems asked GrayHouse Media to overhaul its website.  Grayhouse Media saw an opportunity to turn an underperforming website into a solid lead generator with an updated design, more informative content and search engine optimization (SEO).  To execute this transformation, GrayHouse Media partnered with Pilot Fish.

The collaboration resulted in a new MB Kit Systems website that immediately began generating significantly more site traffic and leads, with site traffic soaring more than 75% one month after the redesign from the same period one year prior. The number of on-line information requests and actual request for quotes increased significantly as well.

Pilot Fish worked with GrayHouse Media and MB Kit Systems to develop the site framework and navigation that would best tell the MB Kit Systems story, conducted keyword research to identify the content that would resonate with the company’s customers and prospects, provided optimized site content that would perform well on Google and other search engines, and continued SEO with off-page content marketing to promote the new site and build valuable inbound links.  The site integrates key marketing elements developed by GrayHouse Media, including site design, videos, PDF brochures and animations.   

The collaboration among GrayHouse Media, Pilot Fish and MB Kit Systems has resulted in an ongoing relationship for the continued successful marketing of the company, both in print and on the web, as well as opportunities for other projects with businesses seeking full-service marketing support.

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