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How to Measure SEO Results


Just as with any goal-oriented program, measuring SEO results requires a pre-program analysis of the existing website and ongoing measurement of results as the program progresses.

Measuring website performance can be a daunting task that’s overloaded with data and analytics terminology foreign to most.  Wouldn’t you like to know which reports to view, where to find the data, and how to analyze the data to increase your website performance? 

Pilot Fish account managers are certified by Google Analytics Academy and are armed with the knowledge to help you better understand analytical reports.  We can help simplify the reporting process, enabling you to deliver meaningful data that will help you measure SEO and website conversion results. 

Each of our SEO clients receives well-timed, regular reviews of their SEO progress, including:

  • Quarterly and Annual SEO Reports – Pilot Fish provides detailed analysis of quarterly and annual performance, with specific attention to overall traffic, growth via SEO or site referrels, mobile traffic, keyword performance and more using multiple software tools.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console – Pilot Fish regularly reviews search data, critical messages, indexing, crawl issues, and security issues and updates clients as needed.
  • Competitive Analysis – Pilot Fish can provide side-by-side analytsis of your company's website against your largest competitors to provide insight into the strength of your site's SEO activities vs. your competition.

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