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SEO Keyword Research

A vital part of any SEO strategy is initial SEO keyword research to determine how well your site currently is performing and whether the site targets the topics and keywords that site visitors are most likely to use to find a company like yours.

How important is SEO keyword research? If your site is targeting the wrong keywords or lacks authoritative content focused on important topics, products or services, it's likely that your site is losing out on a significant amount of potential traffic and leads to competitors that are ranking better on Google.

A Pilot Fish SEO Keyword Research Report will reveal the topics and keywords important to your site's success and provide an on-page content optimization strategy for overall site improvement.

SEO Keyword and Competitor Research Program Elements

  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis

- Analyze the search engine optimization strategy of your site and that of your competitors to see how well your site stacks up to the competition. This analysis also will reveal how much work you need to do for optimum search engine performance.

  • Keyword Research

- Determine the topics and keywords that your company’s potential prospects use to find sites like yours.  How well your site performs is based largely on its ability to reach the audience that is looking for you on major search engines. If they can't find your site because the site content fails to focus on the terms they use when conducting a search, you've lost out on potential leads and sales to your competitors that are ranking better on Google. Surprisingly, as well as you know your business, it's likely that you don't know all the important keywords that prospects use to find your company's products or services. Pilot Fish's experienced staff uses the most up-to-date resources and SEO keyword research to determine the best set of topics and keyword phrases to increase your site traffic.

  • Backlink Analysis

- An important, yet often-overlooked, element of search engine optimization is getting other sites to link to you. Google, in particular, measures the number and quality of incoming links to your site as a way to determine your site's importance and relevance in your industry vs. the myriad other web pages competing for the same keywords. In fact, 50% of Google's algorithm is dedicated to various factors related to website backlinks. That means if your company hasn't devoted time to develop a good number of high quality backlinks, your website likely is not ranking very well for key terms on Google. Pilot Fish's SEO Keyword Research Report will reveal which and how many other sites link to your website compared to your competitors and provide recommendations for improving your website's backlink profile.

The completed SEO Keyword and Competitor Research Report will provide detailed information that enables Pilot Fish to develop your custom SEO strategy, including the SEO copywriting process.

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