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SEO, Internet Marketing Consulting

For companies that have internal marketing staff who manage their own website development, Pilot Fish offers SEO consulting and Internet marketing training packages.

SEO consulting and training is a perfect and cost-effective approach for companies that have in-house web and marketing capabilities.

Your company can rely on our SEO consultants to outline an Internet marketing strategy that is appropriate for your business, based on your defined training needs. Your custom SEO consulting program may include the following:

Keyword and Competitor Research

  • Identify high-volume search terms that will drive qualified traffic to your site
  • Explore niche terms that provide an opportunity for additional search engine rankings
  • Research competitor sites to see which keyword terms they use
  • Quantify and identify backlinks associated with your competitors' sites 
  • Determine the effort that will be required in off-page SEO to overtake competitors in search engine rankings

Content Optimization Consulting

  • Assessing SEO content on a page-by-page basis
  • Identifying good SEO content opportunities
  • Adjust/build page keyword-rich page headers (h1, h2, etc.)
  • Align page titles to content
  • Modify/build meta keywords
  • Modify/build meta descriptions
  • Provide internal text links for efficient spider access
  • Create user site map     

Programming Optimization

  • Upgrade site to CSS
  • Create h1, h2 code
  • Create appropriate meta tags
  • Navigation upgrades
  • Create robots.txt file
  • Create XML site map
  • Rewrite URL structure
  • Fix canonical errors
  • Fix site errors /clean coding
  • Analytics setup

Off-Page SEO

  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Social media


  • Client ranking reports
  • Competitor ranking reports
  • Analytics
  • Document analysis & recommendations

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