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Proper SEO Coding Part of SEO Strategy

Using up-to-date SEO coding is a crucial element that not only determines how your site is displayed but also helps search engines interpret your content. Evaluating new or existing website code by checking for HTML errors and adding streamlined CSS files can make your SEO coding techniques more efficient.

However, SEO is not fully accomplished by just adding proper code. Attention to content and backlinks are critical for any SEO program.

Our SEO code meets W3C standards and utilizes proper CSS, Java and HTML fundamentals including:

  •   Page titles
  •   Header tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  •   Meta descriptions / keywords
  •   Image linking using ALT tags
  •   Text linking
  •   URL writing
  •   No follow tags
  •   Robots.txt
  •   XML Sitemap
  •   Canonical tags

As part of Pilot Fish's comprehensive SEO services, our team of SEO specialists will review your site to determine, among other things, whether your website's current coding is helping or hindering SEO rankings and what improvements can be made to bring your site's SEO code more in line with current search engine standards.

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