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Content Marketing, Off-Page SEO

Google ranks sites based on their ability to sell themselves as being the experts in their industry, by having deep content on their own site and on other sites. That’s content marketing -- the new off-page SEO.

Long past are the days when all you had to do is insert some keywords into your keyword meta tag to get your website to show up on Google.   Search engine optimization has become much more complicated, requiring businesses to make an annual budget commitment to SEO just as they would any other marketing strategy.

Pilot Fish works with its industrial clients to develop and execute SEO strategies and techniques that are successful in improving website performance.   In addition to on-page optimization techniques, we recommend that all our clients also employ content marketing activities, or off-page SEO.   

In the not-so-distant past (a few years after the demise of the keyword meta tag), off-page SEO was known as “link building” and required little more than submitting your site to hundreds or thousands of directories.   That doesn’t work anymore.  This SEO technique became so prolific and spammy that Google has since discounted the value of directory listings and your site, in fact, can be penalized for an overabundance of low quality backlinks.

What Google now values from off-page SEO is content.  Pure and simple. Google prioritizes sites by how well they sell themselves as being the experts in their own industry, by having deep content on their own site and having content published on other sites.  That’s content marketing or the new off-page SEO.

Pilot Fish works with its industrial clients to create and publish high-quality content on well-respected content sharing sites that will interest potential customers who view it and help improve the client’s SEO. 

Our content marketing strategies and techniques are customized to our clients and their industries, as well as the type of content available or that can be developed.

Content marketing programs can include work with:

  •  Video optimization
  •  Slide shows
  •   Social media posts
  •   Product photos
  •   Case studies
  •   White papers
  •   Press releases
  •   Blogs

Why Work with Pilot Fish for Your Content Marketing?

The Pilot Fish content marketing team has more than 50 years combined experience writing about and for industrial businesses. Our core personnel have spent many years working for industrial trade publications before joining Pilot Fish. We hire people we know can relate to our industrial clients and produce SEO content that is well-written, meaningful and on point. The content marketing projects we execute provide useful information for potential customers and support the SEO requirements of search engines like Google.

Content marketing programs are best utilized as part of a comprehensive SEO program. Learn more about our custom SEO services, call 877-799-9994 ext. 2102 or submit this simple form.

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