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Web Design Tips: Pros/Cons of Large Header Images

Some sites rely so much on the effectiveness of image that they offer little or no keyword-rich content on the page that is necessary for search engine rankings.

Large, attractive header graphics on website home pages have been a trend for some time and not likely to go away anytime soon. And, why would they? A large image in the header of a website can have a very strong visual appeal. It can immediately attract attention and “wow” visitors. However, an image that is too large in size, or, not applied appropriately to a website, can negatively affect SEO and the overall user experience.

Here are some pros and cons regarding the use of large header images on websites.


It makes your site look up-to-date design-wise.
You want to be sure that your website looks modern, not dated. Using a large header image is what everyone else is doing right now, and following current trends can help you achieve a modern and current design aesthetic.

A large graphic demands attention.
We use photography and illustration because it catches the eye. If it’s done right, a large header image can inspire and engage the audience. It can instantly tell a story and convey a specific message very quickly.

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