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2020 SEO: Brush up on the Game of Monopoly

When it comes to implementing search engine optimization for 2020, I tell clients that it’s like the game of Monopoly.

First, Google itself is a monopoly among search engines, with an 88% market share for all searches conducted in the United States, and a 92% market share for searches worldwide as of January 2020(1). For the industrial clients with which we work, that’s fairly significant, along with the knowledge that 89% of technical professionals – their customers -- say they use search engines as a source of information for work, with 77% saying they use the Internet to find equipment, components, services and suppliers.(2)

So, there’s no escaping the impact that Google has on your business, whether your website is optimized or not.

Companies that have gone all in with SEO are likely the ones benefiting from Google’s domination; those that have not (unless they’re branded giants in their own right) are likely suffering and wondering why the Internet doesn’t work for them.

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