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YouTube? Maybe You Should, for Better SEO and Marketing Results

Internet videos.

Those two words together conjure images of crazy teens failing at dumb stunts, goofy loners hamming it up and just plain nonsense.

But while the rest of the world squanders its time on silliness, a growing number of manufacturers are taking advantage of the amazing SEO power that online videos provide.

Here's a quick snapshot of industry-related action on YouTube.com, the ubiquitous video-sharing website:

GE has 300+ videos posted on the site; IBM has more than 1,800 clips there; Siemens AG, 4,600 and counting.

As with any SEO element, it's important to follow the right steps to achieve the best results.

Looking for an easy visual on quality improvement techniques? YouTube offers 18,700 videos to meet your needs. Process control and automation? 63,300 clips. Even the National Association of Manufacturers posts videos on YouTube.

And it’s not just associations and huge corporations posting those videos. Smaller companies also are reaping the SEO and marketing benefits of online videos, including:

  • A greatly increased chance of generating a first-page Google ranking on search terms important to your company.
  • The ability to see search engine results within days of posting.
  • The capacity to reach potential customers who are visually oriented rather than text-oriented.
  • The opportunity to visually demonstrate your expertise to prospects.

As with any SEO element, it's important to follow the right steps to achieve the best results:

  • Demonstrate something - how a machine works, how you handle quality control, how an end product meets certain requirements.
  • Post the video on your site, not just on YouTube.
  • Create a channel – a YouTube home page of sorts – for your company, where all of your videos can be listed.
  • Optimize each video posting and your channel by including search terms important to your customers and prospects, along with links back to your company’s website.

And don't feel that you have to have a professionally created video to rank well on the search engines. A carefully thought-out, "home-made" video can perform just as well. Plus, it often provides a greater sense of authenticity for viewers than a slick, professional video can.

Pilot Fish has helped a number of clients with their video SEO efforts. For more information on how your company can harness the power of online videos, contact Pilot Fishat 877-799-9994 ext. 2104.

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