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What Successful B2B SEO Results Look Like

It’s important to measure the improvement in your site’s SEO results on a year-to-year basis, in addition to quarterly or month-to-month.

We get quite a few inquiries from industrial companies asking us to provide a website review and feedback on how well their site is performing in search engines.

We’re happy to provide this service (for free) – it affords us the opportunity to educate B2B business owners and managers about the important SEO factors that lead to better search engine rankings and website results. 

For industrial companies that have already optimized their websites, this free website review also affords the opportunity to gauge how well they or their current SEO vendor has positioned the website for strong search engine results. It’s not uncommon to discover that the company’s website really isn’t performing as well as one thinks. For example, I recall more than one website review where the company president was led to believe that his SEO was working because the site’s Google Analytics showed overall traffic improving over the course of a number of months.

However, upon further review of the company’s Google Analytics, it was clear that this additional traffic was being generated by spam referrers, not actual user traffic. It’s vital to review your site’s Google Analytics on a regular basis (at least quarterly) and to have an understanding of the various reports that detail the origin of your site’s traffic in order to really measure the value of SEO. 

Measure Year-Over-Year Progress

Because many businesses have seasonal downturns, it’s important to measure the improvement in your site’s SEO results on a year-to-year basis, in addition to quarterly or month-to-month. The first chart below illustrates the kind of results a good B2B SEO program can generate. Implementing best practices for on-page and off-page optimization should result in a steady year-over-year improvement in overall site traffic.

This chart demonstrates successful B2B SEO in spades. This manufacturing company had multiple issues that were affecting its website’s search engine ranking. Once Pilot Fish fixed the structural obstacles, optimized the content and got to work developing high-quality content marketing pieces and backlinks, the site began showing significant growth in overall traffic – more than 40-50% growth in year-over-year traffic, in fact. (The dips during winter month are normal seasonal downturns.)

Identify Traffic Sources

To verify that this growth is the result of organic SEO and not from spam referrers, it’s important to also view the traffic channels report.

In this company’s case, analyzing the traffic channel data is even more compelling. With each month, organic SEO traffic grows at a faster clip, eclipsing the amount of traffic this website earns from its own brand. A side benefit is evident: As search engine users become more familiar with the brand, direct traffic using the website’s own domain grows as well.

Add in Referral traffic, and you see the overwhelming positive impact that organic SEO has over any other source of site traffic for this B2B company.

Achieving this type of month-over-month and year-over-year payback on SEO efforts isn’t the result of a one-time, minimal investment. If you consider that there could be hundreds of thousands or millions of web pages vying for a first-page position on Google for the keywords important to your business, getting to the top is no easy task.

Getting back on track with successful B2B SEO starts with one easy step: Ask for a free website review.

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