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Value of Industrial SEO to Your Business

One industrial client reported a significant uptick in business, and said they'd received almost 500 legitimate leads to follow up in the six months following their redesigned website's launch!

Although most of our clients are manufacturers or other businesses operating in the industrial space, we find a huge range of attitudes among them in how they value their websites.

Some treat it as just a yellow pages ad or, worse yet, a nuisance – throw it up there and forget about it until it comes time to talk about budgets and why the marketing isn’t working. “Maybe we can cut some cost on that website.” You mean, the one you haven’t updated in five years or ever optimized?

Meanwhile, others consider their industrial website to be an important element to their overall marketing, a complement to their tradeshow or print advertising programs. Or, better yet, their website is the primary vehicle they use to continue procuring prospects after their tradeshows or print ads have come and gone. These are the companies that regularly identify things that need to be updated, participate in industrial SEO programs custom suited to their businesses, or ask questions and take the recommended action to improve performance. And, yes, these are the companies that see consistent or growing site traffic and sales leads, and resulting new business.

In fact, just recently, we received unsolicited feedback from two industrial clients -- one whose optimized website we'd just built and launched a month prior, and another whose site we built, launched and for which we've been providing ongoing on-page and off-page SEO for the last 10 months.  The newer client reported they'd made three sales to companies they'd never heard of previously within three weeks of their new website's launch. The other client reported a significant uptick in business, and said they'd received almost 500 legitimate leads to followup in the six months following their website's launch! 

But, for industrial companies that haven't experienced that type of success, investing in SEO or basic updates to their website can seem like throwing money down a black hole. One type of customer will question a minimal hosting fee, while the ones committed to their websites will look at a $1,000 change on their site and say “Hey, if it gets me one customer, it’s worth it.”

These attitudes play out the same way when it comes to industrial SEO.

The ones who really don’t value the contribution their websites can make to their overall marketing and sales efforts are the ones who don’t understand or accept that SEO is not a one-and-done type of program.

The companies that really want or expect their websites to be lead generators understand you have to make the full commitment to SEO. After all, no matter what industry or business you operate in, there are only 10 spots (usually) on Page One of Google – you can’t expect to get to the top without making the necessary effort.

And, whether you decide to make that commitment or not, your competitors may already have.

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