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Tools to help chart the sometimes rough seas of B2B SEO

Armed with that knowledge, you’re in a better position to avoid knee-jerk reactions and make the right SEO decisions.

In Angela’s recent blog about possible causes for drops in search engine rankings, she mentioned one B2B SEO factor that none of us have any control over – fluctuations in the search engines’ algorithms.

The search engines are usually pretty tight-lipped about how and when they alter their rules for ranking websites, but there are a number of reputable companies out there now that track such changes.

Their basic reports are free, and they provide some historical data to put current incidents in perspective. Most of the companies also offer for-fee tracking services, which aren’t covered in this review.

Here’s a brief rundown of the most popular trackers:

AccuRanker – monitors 28,000 randomly selected keywords globally; provides an overall “Google mood indicator” (today’s was grumpy) and allows site visitors to filter results based on country and type of device.

Algaroo – follows 17,000 search terms on Google; also offers email alerts for major changes and disruptions.

Advanced Web Ranking – tracks 10,000 keywords and 500,000 URLs; also provides targeted reports for Google’s U.S. local and U.S. mobile rankings, as well as information on Google in the UK and Germany.

MozCast – monitors a hand-picked set of 1,000 keywords; provides a daily weather report – hotter, stormier weather = more turbulence in Google’s results (today’s report was partly sunny and 66°). Also charts various other Google search performance indicators. [widget!]

Rank Ranger – measures fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords on Google; also tracks features on the search results pages to see how changes in these affect what results appear on page 1. [widget!]

SERPmetrics – tracks changes over the last 30 days for the top 100 results on Google and Bing and provides a comparison of the day’s fluctuations against a 30-day median; also offers a chart for changes in the top 10 results.

Several of the companies offer widgets that site owners can place on their own websites to instantly monitor search engine fluctuations.






Weather provided by MozCast




As Angela pointed out last week, none of these services can tell you what B2B SEO measures you should take for your site. But they do provide useful insights into whether any rankings changes you experience are due to larger factors controlled by the search engines themselves.

Armed with that knowledge, you’re in a better position to avoid knee-jerk reactions and make the right SEO decisions for your B2B website.

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