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Custom Website Designs vs. CMS Design Templates

Custom designs are built from the ground up and around your company’s exact needs, specifications, and branding.

When it’s time for a web site redesign, one of the decisions your company may need to make is whether to use a CMS design template or create a custom website design.

A CMS design template is a generic website design that is typically available at little cost to enable businesses to easily and quickly build and launch a new website.

It can be tempting to choose the inexpensive route of a CMS website template. There are many popular sites where you can download and install a template and have your website up and running in a relatively short period of time.

Generally speaking, these CMS templates are easy to use, require minimal effort to set up and are offered at little to no price. Although this might be the right choice for some, it is well worth evaluating the valuable benefits of a custom website design, especially if it is within your budget.

Why Custom Website Design Might be the Better Choice

Custom designs are unique to your business.

  • When choosing a website template for your business, there is always the possibility that another company will be using the same exact design.  It’s especially true when using CMS templates designed for a particular theme or company type.  This may not be a problem if no one notices … but what if someone does notice? Having a custom design guarantees originality and reinforces a sense of professionalism and credibility among your visitors.
  • Custom designs are built from the ground up and around your company’s exact needs, specifications, and branding.
  • Custom designs will be constructed to accommodate future growth.

Using a CMS design template could weaken your corporate identity.

  • Even with color customization and dropping in your logo, the templated site might not closely resemble your other business collateral that have been developed by professionals with full control over the look and feel of the designs.
  • A strong corporate identity is something that you should adhere to as closely as possible because it builds trust with your customers. A custom design allows you to use the exact same colors, styles and fonts and will be consistent with the overall appearance of your other marketing materials.

Custom designs will provide you with a better product and, in the long run, will require less of a time investment on your part.

  • Building a professional custom website will initially require some time on your part along with cooperation and participation throughout the design process, but, once your design company has become familiar with your style and needs, projects will become more seamless.  At this point, you can put your more complicated updates in the hands of someone you trust, allowing you to spend more time running your business rather than figuring out the best way to update your website.

Consider the SEO Impact of Your Redesign Decision

A good custom website design package will also offer custom SEO services.  SEO plugins do not provide the custom SEO that is needed for your site to perform well on search engines.  It’s important to include an SEO firm through the entire website design process to ensure that your site design appropriately includes the right amount of optimized SEO content for maximum performance.

Having an SEO firm on board from the beginning ensures that your site is researched, designed and coded with the search engines in mind.  Including an SEO firm also gives you access to experts in keyword research, SEO copywriting and link building, all of which are key components to being found in the search engines. No matter how pretty your site is, if no one can find it, it really doesn’t matter.

Either Way, Have a Techie in Your Pocket

Professional design companies offer technical knowledge and support.

  • If you choose to go with a custom website with CMS capabilities where you are making edits on your own, it’s nice to have a real, live person that you can talk to for advice. Whether working with a custom CMS, or a CMS design template, it’s beneficial to have some basic knowledge of HTML. While making these edits, having someone to go to for help is a considerable benefit if something goes wrong, accidentally gets deleted, if a page or image you’re working with just doesn’t look right, or if something is not functioning correctly.
  • Not only is it important to be optimized on the front end, but on the back end as well. A good professional website design and SEO company will make sure all of your code is readable, up to today’s standards and is preferred by search engines.
  • Custom website designers make sure images are optimized for the best possible download time which will better your SEO results.

Custom Website Design Means Flexible

Although most CMS website design templates are now built to be fully responsive, without getting into a bunch of coding changes, you may have to live with the way the template displays your content on mobile devices.

When choosing a custom design, you have full control of how your site will look on all devices. Your site will be designed with usability, appearance and functionality for all mainstream devices in mind.  A good design company has the knowledge and experience of building responsive websites and can give you recommendations on optimizing information for smaller screen sizes.

Don’t miss out on the valuable benefits of a custom web site design. For help with a custom web site design or to talk about SEO services for your site, fill out our form or call 877-799-9994 ext. 2102.


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