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Solidify Your Brand with Professional Social Media Sites

No matter which platform you are on, casual or not, meaningful content can be overlooked if your brand identity is weak.

We all know that having a professional appearance is an important part of a marketing strategy that can help build credibility and trust with customers while distinguishing a company from its competitors. This aspect of branding should resonate throughout all areas of marketing, including social media. Establishing continuity across all marketing platforms is challenging, but can be accomplished with the proper use of professional photography, color and consistency in style.

It seems that many companies are on board with maximizing the appearance of their social media sites, but it is surprising that there are still some companies out there that aren’t taking advantage of such a considerable opportunity for fully and suitably promoting their brand. Although social media is often a conversational, casual and informal platform, it does hold a very significant weight in current marketing strategies that should not be taken lightly, and the appearance of these sites should not be neglected.

So, what could be done to improve the appearance of your social media sites to reflect the branding of your company? Below is a list of problems and solutions to some of the most common issues:

Problem: Imagery is awkward, has an unusual crop, or is overlapped by the logo art

Solution: Follow the image sizing guidelines provided by each individual social media site. Be sure the images fit comfortably in the provided space. Make sure the social media text is readable and that the logo art overlaps a less busy area of the image. It might take a couple of attempts to get images positioned correctly, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Problem: Cover photo is pixilated/grainy due to poor image resolution or improper sizing (Sometimes image dimensions are off but are “forced” to fit into a space. This causes the image to become warped and pixelated. Even slight adjustments like these are noticeable and not recommended.)

Solution: Again, be sure to follow all size and resolution guidelines for each social media site. Choose an image that will fill the space entirely and that doesn’t have to be warped or stretched to fit a given dimension.

Problem: No cover photo at all

Solution: Some companies have not added cover images to their social media accounts. Social media is a great opportunity for expanding your Internet branding beyond your website. Why not take advantage of every aspect available that could give your company more exposure by populating photo sections?

Problem: Poor quality photography

Solution:  Internet is said to be the “great equalizer,” but that’s only true if you present your company in as professional a manner as your largest competitor.  Professional-grade photography is just as important on social media as it is anywhere else.  Attractive images will establish your business as a leader in its industry. If you do not have access to professional quality, or, if you have high quality images, but aren’t sure how to get them on to your social media site, hire a professional for help.

Problem: Images do not coincide with website

Create a consistent look and feel throughout all social media sites. Have the appearance coincide with your website and marketing materials. Do this through color, style and imagery.

Problem: Not asking for help when you need it

Solution: The truth is, no matter which platform you are on, casual or not, meaningful content can be overlooked if your brand identity is weak. That is why maintaining brand consistency throughout all marketing platforms, including social media, is highly recommended. If you are having trouble applying these recommendations to your social media sites, or if you simply don’t have the time, ask for help. A trained professional will know what will look the best while supplementing the look of your website. So, for optimal results,hire a design professional designer to create and post your social media artwork for you.

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