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Get Double the Bang for your Slideshow Buck

Everybody knows about PowerPoint, but not everybody knows about one of the best kept secrets concerning PowerPoint or other slideshow presentations:

They can be great online tools for marketing your company and your website.

Slideshows, posted to your own website and to sharing websites like http://www.slideshare.net (which averages 60 million visitors a month), offer the opportunity to:

  • Engage prospects through interactive features
  • Illustrate complicated ideas
  • Improve search engine optimization

Boost your SEO

Slideshows can offer a nice SEO two-fer: Posting your slideshow on a slide-sharing site can give you a valuable link back to your site, and a properly optimized slideshow has its own chance of performing well on the search engines, giving prospects an easy way to find you.

A properly optimized slideshow shares many of the same features as a well-optimized web page:

File name– Just as with the file name and h1 tag of a web page, use a keyword or search phrase in the title of your presentation.
Description– These descriptions work the same way as a meta description tag on a web page:  the first 150 or so characters will appear in your listing in Google’s search results. Be sure to write a snappy description that includes your targeted search term.
Tags– You can think of these like the meta keyword tag on a webpage, although they’re really more similar to the types of tags used on other social media sites. Make sure to include your keywords here.
Content– Properly optimized with the appropriate search term and synonyms, the presentation’s content should be useful, clear and concise.
Links – The judicious use of links back to relevant pages of your website helps ensure viewers – and the search engines – know where to go for more information.

A useful optimization tool on SlideShare is the ability to select categories where your slideshow should be listed. SlideShare visitors often use category searches to find presentations, so this is a good way to help viewers find your slideshow.

The PR Gift that Keeps on Giving

Posting a slideshow online also offers a major advantage in that you’re repurposing material that’s already been created, saving time and money. You can get even more mileage out of the same slideshow by:

  • Posting it to your company’s website
  • Writing a blog post about it
  • Tweeting a link to the version of the slideshow on your website
  • Posting the link on Facebook and LinkedIn

Depending on your topic, you may want to consider publishing a press release about the presentation on an online news service for an extra boost of visibility and optimization.

Even if you haven’t had to create a PowerPoint for a recent presentation, you can still take advantage of the SEO benefits of posting slideshows online simply by identifying a topic useful to your target audience, creating the slideshow and then publishing it on a site like SlideShare and on your own corporate website.

You can find good topics in the same places where you would publicize a slideshow: your corporate blog and news page, as well as your company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts already feature a lot of great info about your organization. Repurpose some of that in a PowerPoint and share it with a whole new audience by posting it online.

Sample Slideshares

Here are some great examples we’ve published for Pilot Fish clients:

Spare Parts, Components and Assemblies for Centerless, ID, OD, Double Disk and Surface Grinders

The Benefits of Silo and Bin Cleaning Equipment Rentals

Open the Door to Improved Energy Efficiency and Higher Home Value

Introducing TGS Centerless Grinders

Reducing Fatigue Failure in Industrial Chain

The next time you create a PowerPoint – or write a blog post or a new FAQ for your company’s website – get the most mileage out of your efforts by publishing the presentation online. Your website, your prospects and maybe even your bottom line will thank you.

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