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20 Years of Internet Marketing Excellence Embodied in 1 Person: Angie Charles

You likely read Angela Charles’ June blog post about our parent company’s 20th anniversary. However, you may or may not have noticed Angie’s passing mention of being one of the founding members of our original portal, polysort.com.

… which means this year is also the 20th anniversary of Angie’s employment with our company. In fact, it was exactly 20 years ago today – September 18, 1995 – that Angie joined Polysort, more commonly called Pilot Fish now.

During most of that time, she’s served as our company president, keeping Pilot Fish on track as an ethical, highly regarded – and highly successful – provider of website design, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. You can read about Angie’s accomplishments in her Pilot Fish bio or on her LinkedIn account.

While those are adequate checklists of facts and dates, they do little to convey the amazing depth of talent, integrity and insight that Angie brings to bear every day in her work at Pilot Fish.

The experiences of Joe Klink, marketing director for Pilot Fish client ProVia Products, are typical:

“I am amazed at how quickly Angie gained an understanding of our product and our audience,” Joe wrote in a testimonial for Pilot Fish. “In addition to leading our SEO efforts, she has also become a valued partner with the usability and content of our site.”

That’s pretty much just how Angie rolls – she “gets” our clients, instinctively knows how to achieve their goals and willingly puts in the hard work necessary to make it all happen.

There’s something else you need to know about Angie: her heartfelt, abiding compassion for those around her. This can range from the prosaic, like explaining for the umpteenth time to the same client – without sarcasm or rancor – how SEO works to the truly personal and delicate, such as helping staff members traverse minefields like serious illness or family crisis.

A slight paraphrase of one of Angie’s quotes from our 20th anniversary press release pretty well sums up our feelings about Pilot Fish’s longtime leader:

“We're intensely proud of the role Angie’s played in bringing effective, cost-efficient Internet marketing to B2B, industrial businesses. Her success in creating our success has laid a strong foundation for our future growth, both professionally and personally.”

Thanks, Angie.