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“SEO Basics?” Video Helps Simplify Finding the Right B2B SEO for Your Company

B2B SEO, like all forms of search engine optimization, has become increasingly complex

We’re excited to unveil “SEO Basics?” – our newest video, which you can find at the top of our SEO Experts page.

The video lists a number of important questions to consider when a company is selecting a B2B SEO firm. These considerations include a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Project goals
  • Staff capabilities.
  • Budget

A key emphasis in the video is that B2B SEO, like all forms of search engine optimization, has become increasingly complex, requiring expert skills and up-to-the-minute knowledge of ever-changing search engine practices.

Not only does the video contain some great B2B SEO advice, but it’s also a live demonstration of one of the basic industrial marketing strategies that we recommend to all of our clients: Get the most use possible out of every content piece your team creates.

Our “SEO Basics?” video actually started life out in August as a blog post titled “SEO Basics for Finding the Best Web Design or SEO Company.”

At that time, we also used the content as the basis for a B2B SEO post on our KISS SEO & Web Design blog. And now that the video is complete, we’ll use those graphics to create a slide deck to post on slideshare.net.

We employed a similar strategy earlier this year to create a video and slide deck outlining our easy-to-use B2B SEO checklist.

Re-using content is useful for a variety of reasons:

  1. Each piece of content is a source of valuable links both from within your own website and from other sites like YouTube and SlideShare, which all help to boost your B2B SEO efforts.
  2. Different types of people respond better to different types of content – some people like reading in-depth pieces; others like the movement and graphics of a video; still others appreciate the brevity of slide decks. Presenting your content in different forms increases your chances of reaching a wider variety of people and gaining more potential customers.
  3. Re-using content  is good use of company resources, allowing you to get more work done in less time – and who doesn’t like that?

If you’d like some help with your B2B SEO and industrial marketing, contact Pilot Fish for a free site analysis and SEO plan for your company’s website.


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