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Make Your Website Useful to Search Engines and Prospects

There's been an exciting trend among our website design clients: More and more of them want to include features that site visitors – customers and prospects alike – can actually use.

It's heartening to see companies moving away from static websites that mirror their sales brochures and creating online knowledge centers that provide distinct advantages, like a product selector, an equipment inventory, a service shop locator or installation videos.

I. Stern & Co., a plastic resin distributor and long-time Pilot Fish client, is the latest to join this trend. When I. Stern management decided they were ready to redesign their 13-year-old website, they took some time to consider what their customers and prospects wanted the most.

As a result, when it launched earlier this month, the new website included an extensive resin cross-reference chart, allowing site visitors to easily find which I. Stern resins meet their needs.

The new site also features a handy locator that quickly identifies which I. Stern sales office and warehouse are best suited to assist a site visitor, along with a blog to keep customers and prospects informed of new developments.

At the same time they were looking for new features, I. Stern executives were also smart enough to cast a keen eye over their old website and keep useful functions like product data sheets and a simple resume uploader for job applicants.

Overlaying all of I. Stern's great new content are the standards of any Pilot Fish web development project: carefully implemented search engine optimization and a user-friendly design that clearly illustrates just what sort of company I. Stern is.

I. Stern took its time and made sure the company was ready to move forward with a new site. If your business has had the same website for a number of years, it's probably time for you to begin the same process. Contact Pilot Fish or call 877-799-9994 ext. 2104 to create a website that your clients and prospects can actually use.

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