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Maintaining the Integrity of Your B2B Website Design

The amount of time that a B2B website takes to make an impression on a visitor could only be an instant.

B2B companies serious about using their websites as a marketing/sales tool need to ensure that their website design presents a professional appearance that fits the personality and communication style of the business. The best way to do that is to entrust your B2B website design into the talented hands of a professional web designer -- who can interpret the design needs of your business based on a review of your marketing materials and discussion with key decision makers -- rather than someone who will slap your text and images on a common WordPress template.

Below are the factors that a professional website designer will consider as they create your new B2B website.   

The Perfect Design for Your B2B Website

Graphic designers are always striving for perfection. They obsess over the color, size and placement of every component of every design down to the last pixel. They can work on designs for hours, days, weeks, or even longer, but still continue to want to make improvements. They will continually move elements around the page to make the design just a little bit better, a little more balanced, a little bit more organized, or to get that alignment just right.

The amount of time that a B2B website takes to make an impression on a visitor could only be an instant. Subconsciously, we notice perfection, or imperfections, of which we are not even aware. It is the job of your designer to pay attention to all of those subtleties and to create a design that is as flawless as possible. The professionalism of your website and brand depends on it.

Appropriate Colors for Your B2B Website
Designers choose precise colors to match, or complement, your company logo or corporate identity. These choices are made to create a mood or a tone and to direct the user’s eye around the page. Colors are carefully grouped to create a full palette that works with your brand and with any images that have been chosen for the design.  

Defining Your Company Through Typography
Typography is chosen to convey a message that represents the personality of your company. Fonts have to be easily readable and web friendly. Fonts and font sizes are used to enhance and emphasize words or phrases to create a hierarchy of information. Too many font sizes, bolded words or phrases, type treatments can be very confusing. Designers are trained to choose the right number of fonts and a good balance of font variations and treatments to guide users through the page in the intended order.

Choosing the Best Images
Images are a very impactful part of any B2B website design. Often times, images are the first thing that visitors will see, which means it is often the first point of impact when it comes to first impressions. Designers spend a lot of time choosing the right images and editing those images to perfection. The images are edited, sized and are thoughtfully positioned with the balance and style of the design in mind.

Maintaining B2B Website Design Integrity

In a day where content management systems are very prevalent, we can’t stress enough how important it is for our clients to maintain the integrity of the initial design framework that has been created. Sure, when editing in a CMS a good portion of the website structure is in a safe area where it cannot be easily compromised. But, by not following the original guidelines, it’s still possible to disrupt the design in the text editing area alone. Try to maintain the same color trends, font sizes, alignments, and image treatments that have been initially chosen for your website. If there is anything that you feel is beyond your expertise, please contact your website designer for further advice or assistance. Doing so will ensure consistency and help to main the professionalism of your B2B website.

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