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Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Social Media

You want each of your social media sites to look like they are all from the same company so you can create a strong connection with visitors.

From your website, to your marketing materials, to each of your social media accounts, brand consistency is essential in building trust with new or existing customers. But, since just about anyone can create and populate a social media site for their business, sometimes this attention to consistency can get lost or overlooked.

So, how does your social media presence hold up when it comes to brand consistency? To get a sense, compare the following design basics of your website and marketing materials to your social media sites:  

Instead of just typing in your company name, your logo should be included as part of your cover image or avatar. In most cases, the same version of your logo should be used across all platforms. The more often your logo is seen from site to site, the better.

Assign a cover photo. Choose one of your images that is already recognizable to your customers, or, select one that has a similar visual treatment as your main website photos. The photos in your posts should also resemble images from your website. Shadowing, borders, filters, colors and other treatments should be the same or very similar.

Colors play a very important role in recognizing a brand because they create an immediate visual impact on visitors. So, it’s important that exact colors are consistent from one platform to the next and included frequently in visuals throughout your posts.

Text or taglines overlaid in photos and infographics should contain the same fonts throughout all sites. Think of your fonts as your company’s voice. It’s another aspect of your business’ personality that, when repeated, can create a sense of familiarity and trust among visitors.

If all of the basics above have been met, then there’s a good chance that you have some consistency in the general look and feel across all of your sites. This is the first step toward leaving a strong impression and a sense of confidence among your visitors.

In a nutshell, you want each of your social media sites to look like they are all from the same company so you can create a strong connection with visitors. This likeness is beneficial when it comes to brand consistency because recognition leads to a feeling of dependability.

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