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Is it Time for a Review of Your CMS-based Website?

To get the most out of your CMS, it is wise to upgrade when updates are available.

If your website is controlled by a content management system (CMS) and you are making the edits yourself, you might want to occasionally have your web developer review the site to make sure you are on the right track. Doing so can positively impact the overall appearance, and the performance, of your website.

Here are the items that you should have your website developer review and why.


If you’ve previously had your website optimized by and SEO expert, you’ll want to take care when editing the text on your site that you don’t change or overwrite any optimized content. A review of your site will help your SEO consultant determine whether your website pages are performing as planned on Google or whether additional work to meta tags or content should be done to bring your site’s SEO up to the latest standards.


Without the eye for detail that a professional graphic designer has, it’s possible that over time, DIY changes to images and graphics on your site can impact the design integrity. Your website designer can help you regain balance of site elements and make sure the image treatments (such as borders, margins, sizes, proportions, color treatments, etc.) are consistent throughout the site.


Adding, moving or deleting pages within a CMS can affect more than just navigation buttons. It’s good to review your site periodically to make sure that internal navigational links all still point to live pages and that your site navigation is still working properly throughout the site. 


Have your site reviewed for broken links, missing graphics, videos, PDFs, etc., that may have occurred along the way. The site will should be reviewed for any missing target tags, which are useful in keeping visitors on your site for a longer period of time.


Consistency in typography builds trust with site visitors. Your designer will check for, and repair, any inconsistencies in fonts, font sizes, font colors, and, font treatments.

Responsive Design

When edits or upgrades are made, sometimes the responsive design can be affected. A review of the responsive design can flag any coding mishaps that could jeopardize the appearance of your site on other devices.

Latest CMS Upgrades and Testing

To get the most out of your CMS, it is wise to upgrade when updates are available. (Upgrading will help with the security of your site, giving you the best possible protection against hackers. Upgrades can also supply you with new features and technologies for your CMS, which will help you to maximize the value of your CMS investment.) Your web developer can install these CMS upgrades for you. The frontend and backend of the site will be examined for any errors or glitches that the upgrade might have caused so these issues can be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

While going through the review and edit process with your developer, it’s also a good time to make updates to the things that you are unable to edit, or just don’t have time to edit, yourself, such as, headers, sliders, footers, or, any other parts of the CMS framework.

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