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Is it Better to Have a Blog or a News Section?

A blog can can be used for a wide range of information, including press releases, trade show schedules and feature articles about the company’s products and services.

There’s a question we’re regularly asked by our industrial and B2B website design clients when discussing content marketing opportunities: Should we add a blog or post news to a news releases section?  Which one is better for SEO?

My answer typically is to choose a blog as it’s more versatile than a news section, is easier for non-experienced website users to update and provides as much if not more SEO value.

When we review websites during our sales process, it’s not unusual to find that the news on an industrial website’s news section is dated.  Oftentimes, there are very few press releases posted and it’s common to see the latest one is a couple years old.

Most businesses, especially small to mid-sized manufacturers, don’t have regular events that they or we’d call news and don’t have a person whose main priority is content development and marketing for the website.  So, it can become a challenge to keep a news section fresh with regularly posted items.

By contrast, a blog offers the opportunity to post anything a business wants to, without specifically having to label it as news.  A blog can be used for a variety of announcements, topics and articles, including press releases with actual company news, trade show schedules and feature articles about the company’s products and services.

From an ease-of-use standpoint, updating a blog is easier than adding press release pages to a website.  Blogs don’t require any knowledge of linking articles in site navigation; the blog software automatically just publishes the newest blog at the top of the page.  With press releases, site editors must know enough about their site navigation and structure to build the individual pages and link them so they can be viewed.   

As for SEO, although Google is fairly secretive of the exact weight it gives one form of content or another, it’s safe to say the best site format for any content marketing is one that’s updated often.  Google includes site freshness as part of its algorithm, so developing and maintaining a regular schedule of posts is important, for industrial SEO, at least once or twice a month.   

At Pilot Fish, we’ve worked with a number of our clients to help them get into the routine of regular blog posting, and we assist in any way they need help:  idea development, content writing, optimization and posting, if necessary.

We often tell our clients that blog article ideas can come from anywhere, but ultimately should focus on the company’s core business. 

Contact Pilot Fish to start a blog for your company site or for assistance with other content marketing initiatives. 

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