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Internet Changes Challenge Sites to be Better

If you are not adhering to best practices or if your site is not up to date on the latest requirements, then your site will be penalized.

 “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

Well, isn’t that the truth? When looking back over the years, change has certainly been the only constant in every aspect of the web and Internet marketing. Not only has there been continuous change in appearance, technology, SEO practices and device platforms, but many of these developments have happened relatively quickly.  

Sometimes, keeping up with these changes can become overwhelming because successful Internet marketing is such a moving target, which often leads to additional costs and time investments. But, one thing that has been proven over time is that through all of this change, good things have happened. Internet marketing has evolved for the better and has become an invaluable and necessary tool for conducting business.

So, what are some of these changes? What are the benefits? And, why is it so important to embrace change?


Changes in appearance

Visual Elements: Visually, websites started with a very text-based media-free environment. Due to slow connection speeds, download times were a huge factor. As time has gone on, although we are still cognizant of download times, we have been able to get away with larger, more attractive visual elements that can download very quickly without affecting—but actually enhancing – the user experience. Sizable images and video clips are no longer an issue, and font choices have broadened significantly, making websites much more interactive and more visually attractive than in previous years.

Styles:  Website styles and trends seem to come and go, just like styles of clothing. Color trends change, image treatments and the overall layout of a page has evolved over time, and, in order to not look dated, the look of your site need regular updates to keep up with these developments. Doing so will bring added interest to the site, and having a new look is refreshing to users.  

Changes in Technology

Speed: We’ve come a long way from the limitations of dial-up modems to the speed of today’s devices. As speed and technology continue to improve, so do the possibilities of new and exciting advances in design and site structure. Conforming to these developments can move your business into the forefront of technological advances, keeping your site relevant to today’s expectations.

The “back-end”: The back-end programming of a website is a bit enigmatic to most of us. So, as programming languages evolve and new advancements occur, it’s best to have a web developer you can defer to and depend on to keep up with the latest and greatest so your site is always up to speed and has optimal security and protection from hackers.

Changes in SEO

Before Google, there was no SEO. The only way you could ensure someone would find your website was to list it on your business card or letterhead.  The early Internet directories like Yahoo and Alta Vista were cumbersome to use and most companies didn't know how to get listed in them.  Google made it easy both for companies wanting Internet-wide visibility and users who wanted to spend as little time as possible finding what they wanted to find.   

Changing rules: But, that was in 1998, when Google launched.  Times have changed. Search engines are always pushing to improve their performance by providing the best possible search results. Unfortunately for us, this means always coming up with a new Internet marketing rule or set of rules that we have to abide by. The way content is written, the way we choose our keywords, the way we approach link building are just a few of the things that continue to evolve and require our attention.

Penalties: For better or worse, search engine penalties are here to stay. If you are not adhering to best practices or if your site is not up to date on the latest requirements, then your site will be penalized.  Even if you have followed best practices in the past and simply become complacent or unaware of a new rule change, your site could be penalized or lose rank. 

Although these SEO changes mean more time and effort on our part, we all have the same goal in mind: quickly getting users to the information that they need and bettering the web for everyone.

Changes in the User

Devices: Over the years, new devices have come into play. We are no longer confined to a desktop and can conduct business from just about anywhere.  At first, we had to deal with viewing a full website on smaller devices, which was a bit challenging. But, luckily, we have been able to utilize responsive design, which allows sites to render on all devices.

Habits: Today, there is a much better understanding of user habits, or how people view websites, which is important in keeping visitors coming back. Having this knowledge is very beneficial in understanding which adjustments are necessary for getting the most out of your website.

So, although we have to be constantly making concessions in the ever-changing world of Internet markting, changes are inevitable and are necessary so we can collectively and continuously evolve into something better.

“Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better.” - Anonymous

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