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Industrial Marketing Just Got More Complex

The best industrial marketing plans incorporate social media outreach in support of SEO.

Social media is no longer the darling of just teenagers and celebrities. Industrial buyers – of all ages – are actually putting LinkedIn and its ilk to good use in their professional lives, giving B2B marketers another tool and another challenge to reach their target audiences.

Social media’s increased popularity among industrial buyers is one of many findings in a report recently released by IEEE Engineering360. “2016 Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector” is based on answers from 850 survey respondents who work in the industrial and research fields.

A good majority of the survey participants began their professional lives before the dawn of the Internet: 68% of the respondents said they were over age 49, 18% were 35-49 and 10% were 18-35 (4% chose not to give their age).

Regardless of age, 82% of all respondents reported using social media for up to two hours per week for work purposes, without a material difference in responses from the different age groups.

The most popular social media platform among survey participants is LinkedIn, with 65% having an account on that site.

Other significant findings include the activities that participants most frequent use social media for:

  • Finding product reviews: 54%
  • Tracking industry news and developments: 52%
  • Identifying experts: 43%

Despite the increased use of social media in the industrial sector, survey respondents cited other resources as being more valuable for researching potential purchases. These include general search engines, online catalogs, word of mouth and supplier websites.

The take-away from all this data? Social media is now a viable channel for reaching industrial buyers, and B2B marketers ignore it at their own peril.

But, with general search engines still the top research method in the industrial sector, search engine optimization and content marketing play an oversized role in reaching industrial buyers. The best industrial marketing plans incorporate social media outreach in support of strong content development and SEO, all with the intent of generating the greatest number of qualified leads.

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