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How well did your website weather Google’s stormy spring?

For those that don’t track Google algorithm changes like we do, it’s been a messy spring all across the country, not just Northeast Ohio. Like the Weather Channel naming the biggest storms, search engine insiders name Google search engine updates. So let’s recap two major storm systems that moved through the area to cause chaos for websites big and small.


The impact of the Quality Update has been far more significant across the Internet than Mobilegeddon because it affects desktop search.

Google officially rolled out this massive cold front on April 21st. This change affected search rankings for sites that are not mobile compatible. The result is that Google’s mobile search engine for cellphones now attempts to display mobile-friendly sites ahead of sites that are not responsive. Google says this change provides a better experience for cellphone users. Just like other algorithm changes, if it’s better for the user, it’s better for Google. 

Fortunately, this change doesn’t affect search rankings on desktops and tablets, so in many B2B and industrial markets, most search traffic hasn’t been impacted too much.  

Now that some time has passed since the algorithm took effect, it’s time to review your Google Analytics account to see if there is a noticeable difference in mobile traffic.  If so, it might be time to re-build your site with a responsive design. If you only seeing a modest drop in traffic, you can put off this investment for a little while, but you should plan a move toward responsive with your next big website update as mobile search use continues to grow.

Quality Update aka Phantom Update

Google spun this low pressure system out in early May. This wasn’t a tweak to the previous Panda and Penguin updates. Instead, Google rebalanced a wide range of quality factors. But, the impact of the Quality Update has been far more significant across the Internet than Mobilegeddon because it affects desktop search. Sites with low quality content, errors, broken links, etc., were affected. 

Today SEO is all about quality and redefining quality.  Are you still providing your audience with a positive experience? Is your content informative, more useful than peer sites, credible, engaging and up-to-date? If you’re unsure, then it’s time for a website audit. Some of you may be surprised how dated your content and design have become and agree it’s time for a refresh.

Companies that participate in Pilot Fish’s ongoing SEO programs are well-prepared to weather Google’s changes. Clients receive detailed quarterly SEO reports with recommendations and strategies for success based on the latest algorithm.

Spring is gone and summer is here. Is your website facing gloomy days or lots of sunshine?

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