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How to Understand What’s Truly New in SEO

No good industrial marketer would ever guarantee Page 1 rankings or specific increases in traffic or leads.

If you’re a company owner or marketing director who cares about online sales leads, you’re probably past the “what is search engine optimization” phase and well into a “what’s new in SEO” mode.

And what’s new in SEO seems to be an unending plethora of updates and hints and guesses (especially about Google), as illustrated by some recent headlines:

Google drops mobile-friendly label, keeps mobile-friendly ranking algorithm

Google testing new sitelink format in its carousel

Google tries dropping the estimated number of results from its search results pages

Html5 not a Google ranking factor

It can be hard to figure out what’s real, what’s important and what’s useful to your company. A good way to minimize confusion and maximize your benefits is to find an Internet marketing agency you can trust and with which you can develop a long-time relationship.

Over the years, we’ve posted a number of useful tips for finding the right B2B SEO firm for your company, including Angela’s recent SEO Basics post. Boiling down all the factors, here’s a list that can help ensure you select an industrial marketing partner that will meet your needs:

  1. Know what you need – as Angela noted, the type of agency you select will depend on your company’s Internet marketing goals. If you don’t know those, how can you know which B2B SEO firm is the right match?
  2. Look for an agency with experience in your industry – this allows you to focus on getting the Internet marketing help you need, not on educating your new partner.
  3. Ask for references and testimonials – hearing real-life experiences from real, live clients helps to not only verify your potential vendor’s track record but also indentify an agency that you’ll be comfortable working with.
  4. Watch out for promises of quick results – B2B search engine optimization is a long game. If someone says they can boost your website traffic by 200% in two weeks, they’re either not being truthful or are using shady tactics, two things that are always worth avoiding.
  5. Watch out for promises of any kind – there are so many SEO factors that are out of your direct control (not the least of which are the search engines’ constant tinkering with their ranking algorithms), that no good industrial marketer would ever guarantee Page 1 rankings or specific increases in traffic or leads.
  6. Avoid bulk link-building schemes – Links back to your site are important, but you need an SEO partner that can provide an integrated industrial marketing campaign that targets all of the best practices, including public relations, content development and carefully crafted link building.
  7. Find someone who cares about your company, not just your search engine rankings– unless you’re purely interested in bragging rights, the best B2B SEO is a means to an end, that end being increased leads and sales for your company. Keep searching until you find an agency that understands this.

In the end, you’ll want to find an Internet marketing provider with integrity, expertise, understanding and patience to help your company achieve its goals, an agency that can help guide you through the wooly world of “what’s new in SEO” and help you discover what’s right in SEO.

Pilot Fish regularly fields questions from our clients about the latest news article or blog post pertaining to SEO, and we’ve always taken the time to demystify the information and explain how – or if – the news pertains to that particular client. If you’re looking for a B2B industrial marketer providing that level of service, contact us today by calling 877-799-9994 ext. 2102 or submit this short form.

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