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How to Improve Your SEO

“How do I improve my website’s SEO?” Talk about a loaded question! But, it’s one we hear multiple times every day.

Many companies that have recently come to realize that SEO is a necessity fail to understand the complexity of it, largely because the target keeps moving. Unless you’re immersed in SEO research on a day-to-day basis like we are, it’s difficult to comprehend everything that’s required. Some elements of SEO that worked five or 10 years ago don’t work today or, at worst, can cause your site to be penalized. Other factors that are important require a more nuanced approach to be successful.

If it were easy and cheap, everyone would do it, and how would Google know who to rank on their first page?

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, there’s no out-of-the-box solution that will guarantee SEO success for every business. Why is that? For starters, there are too many website variables that Google uses to formulate its algorithm – more than 200 of them. A recent article outlines what the SEO community believes to be the SEO factors Google measures.

Every SEO project we undertake is unique to that customer.  We first review the client’s site to determine what elements are missing or done incorrectly. We look at whether the business has determined which keywords they should use and whether those keywords really are the right ones based on how Google interprets that term and the competitive environment. We analyze their inbound links – where they get links from and the quality of those links – compared to the links that better performing sites have. We review the company’s online marketing initiatives – what other things they are doing besides the website. (See Pilot Fish's full-service SEO strategy.)

We then prepare an SEO recommendation that usually requires work on the client’s website, plus attention to link building and content marketing that will promote their site across the Internet and provide good quality back links.  The execution of each project is unique to the client, based on the industry they’re in, and the condition of their site (how much help they need).

It sounds like a lot of work (it is), and it’s not inexpensive. But, then again, if it were easy and cheap, everyone would do it, and how would Google know who to rank on their first page?

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