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Effective Website Redesign Starts with Materials Checklist

Once your company has made the decision that it’s time for a website redesign, it’s important to gather all the materials that your designer will need to start the project.  Putting extra effort up front to pull together the media and content will enable your designer to begin the website redesign process without delay. 

Also, giving your designer access to all available media that could be used for the site prior to starting the project helps the creative process and minimizes the possibility of major changes to the new design.  There’s nothing worse than having your designer create a new home page design and then find out there are several really good videos, PowerPoints or images that could have been and possibly should have been incorporated into the design. 

Below is a simple checklist and summary of what designers need from clients before starting a website redesign.

Website Redesign Materials Checklist

__ Company logo in electronic format
Please send the best version of your logo in electronic format. The preferred format is EPS, however, if an EPS is not accessible, send a JPG in the highest resolution available.

__ Tagline(s)
It’s important to finalize the taglines that should be used for the site prior to beginning the site design. That way, proper font sizes can be chosen by the designer and space allocations can be made for the length of each tagline.

__ Images
If you are in the process of reshooting any of your products, designers will need the new images before the design is started. There’s no such thing as a placeholder until photography is done.  A good design will be dependent on the content, composition, angles and colors of the images.  Also, when providing images for the website, please indicate the order of importance of the images, page assignments, and any captions that you would like to include.

For example:

homepage-slider1.jpg, homepage-slider2.jpg, homepage-slider3.jpg, homepage-slider4.jpg

About Us Page

Careers Page

Products Page
Caption: Nylon 6 gear box oil pan

Industries Page
automotive.jpg, construction.jpg, medical.jpg, food service.jpg

__ Marketing materials (if any)
Sometimes clients will provide business cards, letterhead, and/or brochures, etc., if they would like the web design to have some continuity or reflection of these existing materials.

__ Fonts (if any)
If your company has designated fonts that are part of the corporate identity, please provide the name(s) of those fonts. Otherwise, fonts will be chosen by the designer to fit within the style and design of your site.

__ Industry logos and links (if any)
Please provide any industry or association logos that you would like to include on your homepage in electronic format. EPS files or JPGs are the desired formats.  

__ Homepage text (if available)
At Pilot Fish, content is often written by one of our SEO experts, however, if you are providing your own text, this will be needed before the initial design begins. In some cases, we can use dummy text in place of actual copy, but having finalized text is preferred so that we can determine the best design for that content.

__ Approved site map
Once the site structure has been sorted out, you will need to sign off on the final site map before the design is started so that we can build the site with the proper site navigation.

For more information about redesigning your company’s website, please contact Pilot Fish at 877-799-9994 ext. 2104.

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