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Does Google’s Panda update put your website on the endangered list?

For web sites that are long overdue for more fresh content, the dog days of summer are a perfect time to plan a big content picnic. 

In mid-July Google officially announced the release of Panda 4.2, which specifically targets sites with low quality or thin content. This update has been a long time coming, with the last Panda update taking place in September 2014. 

So is your content due for a refresh? Here are some questions to ask:

Keep your content relevant, be the expert, and a good user/search experience will follow.
  1. When was the last time you really read the content on your web site?  Does it accurately reflect what your company offers today? Or, has your business added new products or services that are missing, or discontinued activities that are still represented on the site?
  2. Does your site reflect what potential site visitors are looking for today? Is your content staying on top of industry trends?
  3. Would Google consider your company to be THE expert on your product or service by reading your copy? 
  4. Does your site contain enough depth to be considered an expert in your industry or is it thin in areas? 
  5. Are references, dates and links to additional resources still valid? 

Google has changed its algorithm to reward sites that have more pages and longer articles because the search engine company feels this is one measure of industry expertise. The Panda update, in particular, penalizes sites that have thin content.

When it spiders your site to index and rank it, the search engine pays attention to how often the site is updated and whether references and links are still active or broken.

Build on to what’s working for you. Take some time and review your analytics; look at your most popular pages and find ways to emulate them as you build new pages. 

Ignore Google’s Panda update at your own peril. With this 30th Panda update since February 2011, it’s clear this bear is no endangered species.  Keep your content relevant, be the expert, and a good user/search experience will follow. If you don’t, it could be your content and website that will become extinct. 

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