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Boost Your Internet Marketing with Carefully Crafted Industry Outreach

Your best plan of action is to present truly newsworthy information clearly, concisely and honestly

Press releases are great things. They get your news out, they provide useful links back to your website, they give your company an extra chance to get ranked on Page 1 of the search engines.

Press release distribution services are great things too. They provide a permanent home for your press release and distribute your news to thousands of publications and news sites in a cost-effective manner.

But all great things really do come to end, and, while mass-distributed press releases provide a lot of useful benefits, there’ll be certain times when you want to take your Internet marketing a step further.

A case in point is when you have news of major interest to your industry. Online press release services don’t always have an option for distribution to industry-specific publications, and those that do often charge a prohibitive fee for the privilege of using their targeted delivery.

But the good news is that you don’t *have* to use a press release distribution service to get your news to publications that cover your industry. Most trade publications accept unsolicited story ideas; they also frequently publish the news they receive – as long as it’s presented properly.

And that’s the key: You do need to do a bit of homework to increase your chances of publication. The homework consists of a few simple steps:

1. Use Excel or something similar to create a list of the major publications that cover your industry.

2. Visit the website for each publication.

3. Note the following information for each publication:

a) Editorial guidelines (e.g. “press releases should include full contact information
    and be written according to correct newspaper style.”)

b) Preferred method of submission (contact form vs. email vs. snail mail)

c) Submission deadlines

4. Submit your news according to each publication’s requirements and do make sure to include your phone number and email address, so the editor can contact you if more details are needed.

5. Be patient – hounding an editor generally results in your news getting ignored, not disseminated.

6. Document when you send a release to each publication – and if/when each publication prints your news.

This is a good process to follow for specific news developments. But there’s an even more powerful strategy that you can use to leverage wider issues in your industry and in the economy at large.

In this case, instead of sending a press release about a company development, you’ll send a pitch letter, offering to set up an interview with a high-level executive at your company to discuss a specific issue of timely importance.

The key here is to carefully target your letter by sending it to the correct editor/reporter and by clearly explaining the issue at hand and your executive’s expertise in addressing that issue.

As an example, Pilot Fish had good luck recently with a pitch letter on behalf of a client that referenced current political discussions about onshoring manufacturing as well as the continuing fascination with the “Internet of Things.” In the letter, we explained how our client’s business directly related to the topic and provided the bona fides of an executive at that company who could specifically address onshoring from an “Internet of Things” perspective that hadn’t been presented before.

In response, one editor requested an interview with the executive, and another asked us to provide a print-ready article on the topic that would be attributed to our client.

Beyond the inherent SEO benefits, this type of publicity also can be a great way to establish your company’s brand leadership.

Whether you submit a straightforward press release or an issue-based pitch letter, there are a couple caveats common to both approaches. For one thing, humility (i.e. “We think this will be of interest to your editors and readers” rather than “Hey, we’re important and you have to print this”) will definitely garner the favorable attention you’ll need to get your news published.

But the most important caveat is:

Remember that you’re dealing with the press.

Despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, a free press is still the rule in the U.S., and you need to realize that you generally can’t control what information a publication will print. It may decide to just print two sentences about your company’s latest expansion, or it might decide to wrap your information into a larger story that ends up including your most pesky competitors. Or it might not publish your news at all, for a variety of legitimate reasons.

Your best plan of action is to present truly newsworthy information clearly, concisely and honestly via each publication’s preferred submission method and to trust that the publication will treat you with the same respect you offer it.

Dealing with the press can be daunting, and you might find that the best way to put your plan into action is to get the help of Internet marketing experts with real press experience. Pilot Fish has that expertise – contact us by phone at 877-799-9994 ext. 2102 or via email using this form to get the Internet marketing assistance your company needs.

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