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Are you Giving Your Top Salesperson the Tools She Needs?

Investing in SEO is akin to giving your best salesperson everything they need to be a top performer.

Are you Giving Your Top Salesperson the Tools She Needs?

If you own your business or manage the sales organization, you’re likely in tune with the specific things your sales team needs to be effective for your company:

  • Access to leads or contact list, a phone, email, maybe a car, and a good CRM to track results;
  • Appropriate supporting sales literature and training on how your products and services benefit your customers;
  • A marketing strategy and organizational support for the quoting and sales process;
  • Incentivizing compensation;
  • An environment that encourages productive independence, with accountability to the company to meet organizational goals;
  • Personal benefits, like sick pay, vacation time and a 401K, that help your employees feel valued and empowered to be the best at what they do.

But, what if, in providing all these things to your sales organization, you were ignoring the vital needs of someone who could be your top producer?

I’m speaking of your company’s website.

It’s no mystery to anyone that the sales process has changed from 25 years ago. Automated attendants block salespeople from reaching prospective customers, print advertising has long been in a downward spiral, regional tradeshows have withered, email goes to spam folders.

Customers aren’t eagerly awaiting your in-person cold call, a phone call, email or print ad to make a decision to contact you or your competitors.  Interaction is driven by their timing; the customer decides when and if they need to talk to you. They do their research online, contact potential vendors online and, in many cases, conduct their business online – all through websites.

If you’re lucky, your website is one of the few they’ll see and review before narrowing their list of follow ups for a quote or more information, before making their buying decision.  But, if you haven’t given your website what it needs to be part of that process, more likely you’re going to be left out.

The Feeding and Care of Your Website

Companies that take good care of their website appreciate the power it has in becoming the business’ top salesperson.  A website works 24/7; it doesn’t need weekends or vacation time to re-charge, it doesn’t need a pension plan to loyally serve the company.

But, it does need some of the things you’re already giving to your other salespeople:

  • Compensation:  In the case of your website, that means regular investment in search engine optimization, site updates, site redesign and added functionality to lead your prospects to you and guide them to contact you;
  • Healthcare:  Websites need regular vaccinations (security updates) from dangerous viruses, a good exercise plan (fresh content) and an annual checkup to make sure they’re meeting Google’s current health standards (search algorithm);
  • Marketing and organizational support:  20 years ago, companies could build a website, lay back and watch the leads roll in. But, that was before EVERYONE had a website, before EVERYONE discovered Google, before having a well-constructed, well-design, well-optimized website was a must.  Websites aren’t the end of your marketing efforts, they’re the beginning.  They’re not an island, they’re a nexus of all your other marketing efforts.  Everything you do marketing-wise should be in the context of “how can we leverage this for our website,” “how can our website support this,” “how can this effort further promote our website,” “how will this further grow leads from our website.” Imagine investing in a small, regional tradeshow, only to find out that all your customers were going to a much larger, national show. That’s your website without the marketing investment it needs to appear in the best locations on Google.  SEO is the key to positioning your website in the premium aisles of the 24/7 Google “tradeshow.”    

Unleash Your Best Salesperson

Investing in SEO is akin to giving your best salesperson everything they need to be a top performer.

So, what are the specific steps involved with search engine optimization (SEO)?

  • Keyword & Competitor Research:  You can’t shoot if you can’t find the target.  With millions of websites and billions of pages on the web, Google makes millions of critical (and sometimes random) decisions every day about which web pages to display to Internet users looking for certain products and services. Understanding how Google has determined how it interprets the intent of those users and the type of results it displays as a result, is the first step toward getting your site in front of the right people.  Researching how your competitors and other similar companies are earning top search results will help guide your company toward finding your customers online.
  • On-Page SEO:  Once your research unveils the right universe of keywords for your company and the right approach to SEO, it’s time to put that information into action. Update your site with appropriate and well-accepted SEO methods, including the meta tags, headers, text, site navigation, internal links and more.
  • Off-Page SEO & Content Marketing:   Google measures the relevance of your website to users’ queries and the importance of your site vs. your competitors when determining your site’s rank.  Building backlinks to your site and establishing content marketing real estate across the Internet help make the case for your site’s authority, credibility and importance in your industry.    

Like your other salespeople in your company, your website has a variety of needs that must be met on a continuing basis to unleash its potential for the long term.

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