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Another Google Algorithm Update is Here

Don’t panic. … Be patient.

Another Google Algorithm Update … But What Does that Mean for You?

Another Google algorithm update has landed in the web’s lap, with many industry observers reporting a change in the core algorithm without any clear evidence of the final effect on B2B SEO.

Unlike the Google algorithm turmoil from earlier this summer, this change seems to be of the one- and-done variety. After the initial flurry of activity observed a few days ago, it appears that the Google is allowing its ranking algorithms to do their thing without any more tinkering than usual.

When directly questioned about what kind of Google algorithm change occurred, one of Google’s webmaster trends analysts said there definitely had not been a Penguin update.

Let’s pause here for a quick reminder of the different types of Google algorithms and updates:

Core algorithm – the set of rules that underpins how Google ranks sites across the boards; Google dubbed the last major update “Hummingbird” when it was unveiled three years ago. It comprises more than 200 factors, including Google’s newly released “RankBrain,” which is based on artificial intelligence.

Mobile-friendly – this update, launched in spring 2015, gives an edge in the mobile rankings to websites that are built to be easily viewed on mobile devices.

Panda – unveiled in February 2010 to prevent sites with poor content from ranking well in Google’s search results.

Penguin – launched in 2012 to reduce the number of spammy sites in Google’s search results; SEO experts have been expecting a new Penguin update for nearly two years.

For more details on Google algorithm updates, read this blog post.

A quick survey of Pilot Fish’s client websites doesn’t show any immediate effect from the most recent update. But that’s not surprising – major changes usually seem to hit big websites first, and then the effects finally trickle down to affect B2B SEO over the following weeks or months.

So, as a responsible site owner or industrial marketer, what should you do in response to this news?

First and foremost, don’t panic.

Secondly, be patient. With a big Google algorithm update coming so closely on the heels of this summer’s churning in the search results, it may take a while to understand how your website is affected and what changes you need to make in response.

Lastly, make sure you’ve got a good B2B SEO partner that you can trust to guide you through the intricacies of Google’s search algorithms. Feel like you need a little help in this area? Contact Pilot Fish by calling 330-666-5164 ext. 2102 or by submitting this short form.

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