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A Website Redesign for All the Right Reasons

Done right, a website redesign can accomplish a wide range of important goals:

  • Make it easier for site visitors to find the information they need
  • Illustrate more clearly the web site owner’s strengths and mission
  • Provide an opportunity to update information, ranging from product offerings to company history and contact details
  • Offer new features/online services for customers and prospects
  • Take advantage of the latest advances in website technology

ATL, a longtime Pilot Fish client, achieved many of those goals and more with today’s launch of its redesigned website.

It had been seven years since its last site redesign, and ATL, a manufacturer of custom flexographic labels and disposable medical devices, knew it was time to update its website to better match the company’s changing product lines and services.

The new design, featuring an open, clean layout and simple, clear navigation buttons, properly allows site visitors to more easily find the information they need and also improves the site’s readability.

Importantly, the updated design underscores the Wisconsin company’s leadership role in the industries it serves and reflects ATL’s growing influence in the disposable medical device market.

Despite the different look and feel, the site still offers all of the features ATL’s customers and prospects have come to expect, including:

At the same time, the redesign allowed ATL to take advantage of improved blog software and to realign its search engine optimization with current industry practices. The company expects the redesign to:

  • Improve productivity by making the site easier to update
  • Boost site users’ satisfaction with the website and the company
  • Increase leads and sales

If you’re ready to take the next step in redesigning your website, Pilot Fish can help -- contact us at 877-799-9994, ext. 2102, to learn how.

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