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9 Blogging Tips for B2B SEO Success

A good source of topics is your customer service or sales staff.

We’re always encouraging our clients to create and regularly post to blogs for their B2B websites. Blogs are a great way to keep a site updated and fresh, which is an important factor in how the search engines rank websites.

But just because it’s a great idea, that doesn’t mean that it’s also easy to implement. One of the biggest obstacles our clients cite is not having anything to write about.

Good topics for corporate blogs are actually everywhere – you just need to know where to find them. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  1. Participation or support of charities or other worthwhile organizations – whether it’s by the company, an employee, a vendor or customer
  2. Year-to-date assessment – what do your customers and clients need to think about to make the rest of 2016 successful?
  3.  What you would do differently about a specific situation (even if you felt it turned out ok)
  4. Topics that other industry bloggers write about – sign up to get their newsletters, and you sign up for new blog ideas!
  5. Tasks you wish customers would do differently (couched more along the lines of “how to succeed when you [fill in the blank]”)
  6. Things that customers and clients should think about/do before/when placing their next order or rfq.
  7. Short segments with employees, vendors or customers (either long-time or brand new) about why they like working with your company.
  8. Spotlights on the same types of people to highlight their strengths as a way to underline your own company’s strengths.
  9. “Product of the Month” features – Even if the product isn’t new to you, it will be new to many of your site’s first-time visitors, who may not be familiar with even your oldest products. 

Another good source of blog topics is your customer service or sales staff – ask them about the questions that customers and prospects have and then answer each question in a separate post.

The goal of each post – whether it’s a Featured Product of the Month, Top Customer Question or Vendor Spotlight – is twofold:

  1. Show customers and prospects why your company’s product or services stand apart from competitors’
  2. Convince those customers and prospects that they need to contact you so they, too, can benefit from your company’s expertise

Topics like these are particularly useful because they allow you to schedule posts about specific employees, products, vendors and customers. Planning ahead makes blogging easier.

And there’s another option to help take the pressure off and ensure the success of your company’s blog: Hire a seasoned B2B SEO professional to plan and write the posts for you. We always have lots of good ideas lying around. To learn more, contact us via phone at 877-799-994 ext. 2104 or fill out our contact form.

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