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6 Tips for Sending Images to Your Website Designer

Be sure to name and organize your files in a folder structure that exactly reflects your website outline or site map

Many of the website design projects that we produce are time-sensitive to our clients. The sooner the site is live, the better. One way you, as a client, can help in keeping your website design project moving along quickly is by following these 6 tips for sending images to your website designer.

  1. Use a remote server to share your image files
    If you are using a shared, remote server, such as, cloud computing, Dropbox, or any other FTP tool – this is ideal. Here, images and image folders can be seen and discussed by both you and your designer in a common, and always up-to-date, environment throughout the entire design process. If the information is well organized, your designer can quickly access the files and there will be little to no guessing about where the images should be placed on your website.
  2. When using a remote server, be sure to name and organize your files in a folder structure that exactly reflects your website outline or site map. See the simplified example below for reference.

    In each of the subfolders, include the images that will go on the corresponding page. 


    It’s understandable that not all images will be available at the same time. As additional images become available, just upload those files to the remote server in the proper folder and let your designer know which new images have been provided.
  3. Name your files in an intuitive, descriptive way
    Avoid using generic, meaningless image file names, or, image names that have been assigned by a digital camera. Instead, use descriptive file names that leverage keywords used on your site for SEO.


  4. Follow the rules of acceptable file naming

    Rule 1: No caps



    Rule 2: No spaces

    seo company building.jpg


    Rule 3: No special characters

    Do not use characters such as: " < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] `.



  5. Provide a document indicating any image captions and/or special instructions
    If you are including captions with your images, please provide a document with the image name and corresponding caption. If you have any additional notes or instructions, please include those as well. This information could be provided in a simple word document with specifications that reflect the sample “About Us” page information below:

    Image name:
    Caption: Our corporate headquarters, built in 1974, is located in Akron, Ohio.
    Notes: This image is very important to us. Please place it in a prominent position near the top of the page.

  6. If you are sending images via email, provide a descriptive email subject line
    Sending images via email is OK, but not ideal. Usually, designers like high resolution images to work with, but, because of large file sizes, will limit the number of images that can be sent through each email. Usually, the images have to be sent one, or only a few at a time, which could eventually become tedious and time consuming to sift through. But, there will be times when emailing an image could be the only available method. If this is the case, please be sure to use a descriptive subject line and detailed message so your designer can easily determine the nature and placement of the images in the email.

    Email subject line: Attached is a new image for the website

    Email message: Please use this in place of the image that I sent last week.

    Email subject line: Your Company Name | Website redesign | Replacement corporate headquarters building image for “About Us” page

    Email message: Please use the attached, updated image in place of “seo-company-building.jpg”, which I emailed on 08/03/16.

Following these tips will:

  1. Save time for your web design company, which will keep your project moving along much faster;
  2. Save you time by requiring less back-and-forth communication between you and your website designer or project manager and fewer questions for you to answer.

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