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4 Tips for Industrial Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest. It’s not just for crafters anymore.

Manufacturers – including major corporations like GE and IBM – are incorporating the photo-curating website into their Internet marketing to improve their branding, funnel more traffic to their websites and boost their search engine optimization efforts.

A little planning and forethought can go a long way toward creating a successful corporate Pinterest account. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your efforts on Pinterest:

Sharing insights from other industry leaders is one of the best ways to build your audience’s trust

1. Showcase your products, first and foremost. Post as many product images as you can, but don’t just throw everything up there – cherry-pick the very best images that truly illustrate your products at their best. And remember to link each image to the corresponding product page on your website.

Example: Provia Products’ doors, windows, siding and manufactured stone

2. Offer business resources. Like any good marketing channel, Pinterest works best when it provides a tangible benefit to your target audience. White papers and how-to guides can be promoted via Pinterest, simply by uploading a cover image of the paper or guide and then linking to the appropriate file.

Example: Machine specs for centerless grinders from Total Grinding Solutions

3. Provide industry insights. Infographics and PowerPoints highlighting industry trends or major developments are another useful way to a. illustrate your company’s knowledge about your industry and b. make another useful connection with potential customers.

Example: Current water usage stats provided by Desert Planters

4. Engage your community. Highlighting employee and customer achievements, soliciting comments on your images and announcing your Pinterest additions via your other social media accounts are just a few of the great community-building ways to take full advantage of your corporate Pinterest account.

Example: Customers’ pins of Equinox Sleds’ snowmobile passenger and cargo sleds

Bonus Points: Follow Desert Planters’ example - when you find a useful piece of information on another website, add it to your Pinterest account and link back to the original source. Sharing insights from other industry leaders is one of the best ways to build your audience’s trust.

We’re proud of our clients, including Total Grinding Solutions, Provia Products, Equinox Sleds and Desert Planters, who’ve taken their first bold steps into this new Internet marketing landscape. If you’d like some help getting started, contact Pilot Fish at 877-799-9994 ext. 2104.

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