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Are you Getting the Most out of Google Organic Search?

Google organic search is the #1 resource used to find industrial products and services. Imagine if your website appeared on Page 1 of Google for high-value keywords to your business. How much website traffic and how many more additional business leads could you expect? What’s the magic number?

If you don’t employ search engine optimization (SEO) to position your website on Page 1 of Google organic search, your website AND your company are missing out on a lot of site traffic and new business leads.

How do we know that? It’s all in the numbers.  

Companies Using SEO Report Better Results

Pilot Fish tracks the website traffic and leads of its SEO clients and is able to compare that to companies that don’t employ SEO.

Here’s what we know from that research:

  1. Companies that are committed to SEO are ranking on Page 1 of Google search for a broad array of keywords that will help prospective customers find them.
  2. Those Page 1 rankings on Google search are generating traffic to our clients’ sites. That traffic is highly qualified, based on the keyword phrases used to reach those sites and the number of leads our clients receive from having higher website traffic.
  3. Companies that do not use SEO oftentimes don’t give credence to the ability of their websites to generate a significant number of leads because it doesn’t happen now.
  4. Well-optimized websites get a majority of their traffic from one source: Google organic search.
  5. Companies that have succeeded with SEO are willing to attest that it works.

How much traffic are they generating?

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Tips for Adding an Image Gallery to Your Website

Discuss the idea with your tech support or web development company to find out which galleries will be compatible with your site.

A website image gallery can be a dynamic and interactive way to share groups of images with your website visitors. Some galleries can be useful for maximizing website real estate, displaying a collection of numerous images in a small space, instead of having to scroll or click from page to page to see the images. Others can display a number of images at once making it fast and easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. There is a vast array of galleries available to choose from for whatever your goals are for displaying images on your site.

So, how do you begin to select the right gallery for your website? Below are some tips to help you begin the process.

  1. Examine the layouts that are available online.

    Find and test available image galleries and decide which display you would like best for your website.

    Here are just a few of the countless formats that are available for image galleries:

    • Carousel
      Revolving images that automatically rotate, or, are controlled by the user by clicking the arrow buttons.
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What is https, and why should you care?

Whether or not you know what https is, an interesting piece of news floated down the SEO pipeline this week when Moz reported that half of Google’s Page 1 rankings begin with https.

Regardless of your level of awareness, you – or at least your company’s website and search engine rankings – could end up being affected by the move toward https.

So what is https? When you see those five little letters at the beginning of a web address instead of the plain “http,” that means the website is secured with extra coding. This additional level of security means that hackers can’t intercept the personal data entered by a visitor to that site.

Awareness of https began growing beyond typical online retailers like Amazon in late 2014 when Google announced that https would be included as a factor in its ranking algorithms.

We’ve been tracking the https development ever since. Our research shows that it’s basically a secondary factor, which is in line with the findings of other SEO experts. Https does not have the same influence as the content-related factors that help Pilot Fish clients rank so well on the search engines.

Our experience also is consistent with the Moz report. The growth in secure sites seems to be more of an issue of increased compliance on the part of website owners as opposed to increased enforcement on the part of Google.

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How Testimonials Can Help your SEO Rankings

Every business understands the value of posting testimonials from their clients on their websites.  Testimonials provide added credibility to a business, particularly in an age where many transactions are conducted exclusively online, via websites, e-mail or on the phone, without ever meeting someone from the company with which you are doing business.

But, have you ever considered the value of your testimonial on one of your suppliers’ sites? 

Your suppliers, like you, understand the value of including customer testimonials on their websites, and they’re likely willing to pay you for yours.   Paid?  What’s that about? 

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Getting Your Website’s Navigation Back on Course

A website’s navigation is a roadmap to finding pertinent information, a product of interest, contact information, a form, a site’s shopping cart, or all of the above. But, whatever it is we, as visitors, are looking for, we want to find it as quickly and as easily as possible, no matter where it is we have entered a particular website. If we suddenly become lost or frustrated due to an insufficient navigational structure, we are most likely going to leave the site we are visiting to head to a site that is easier to maneuver.

The same is true for our own website. We want to be able to navigate, and more importantly, we want our customers to be able to navigate with ease and we want them to find exactly what they are looking for in a timely manner.

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