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Newest Periodic Table of SEO Factors Outlines What It Takes to Get Good Search Engine Rankings

The basics are simple – good content, careful coding, no sneaky tricks.

Search Engine Land has released the 2019 version of its Periodic Table of SEO Factors, a handy chart of the activities that can positively – and negatively – affect your website’s search engine rankings.

With 200+ ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, Search Engine Land distills all the known information about Google’s methodology into 35 elements, which cover multiple ranking factors.

Positive Attention

Twenty-nine of those elements represent positive ranking factors, those activities you can undertake to help improve your website’s position on the search engines. Seven of the elements dealt directly with content.

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The Need for Site Speed

Faster pages are known to have higher traffic and better search rankings.

Since Google is tightening its SEO standards on website download time and page speed (factoring your site’s download time into search rankings), it’s time to take action, if you haven’t already. There are countless operations that can be performed to improve page speed, but, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.

My site seems to load fine, so why is this necessary?

  • To maintain visitors.
    Statistics show that, if your site does not load quickly, visitors will leave in just a matter of seconds. Fast page load times are a major factor when it comes to user experience, usability, and the overall functionality of your website.
  • To perpetuate sales.
    On e-commerce sites, visitors who become frustrated with slow page load times are not likely to return, which oftentimes leads them to competitor sites. Fast load times lead to more customer interaction and better sales.
  • To improve rankings.
    Faster pages are known to have higher traffic and better search rankings. Significant improvements in site speed will lead to better performance.  
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Does Your Website Connect with Customers?

We can’t just put up a generic website and expect people to get a good experience or expect it to help drive engagement for sales.

A B2B buyers survey by Demand Gen Report provided some interesting results that should have a direct impact on how you manage your company’s website and content marketing.

Among the findings, 45% of respondents said they’re using more sources to research and evaluate purchases. Is your corporate website visible enough to be one of those resources? Does it provide the information that your potential customers are looking for?

Information is King

The following variables were reported as very important when the respondents were ready to evaluate suppliers:

  • Features/functionality (72%)
  • Solved a pain point (72%)
  • Demonstrated experience with or knowledge of respondent’s industry (62%)
  • Case studies/testimonials (rated as very important by 47% of survey participants)
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The Once & Future Problem with Spam Contact Forms

We’re left to realize that some things never change.  

Once upon a time, sales seemed simple. You called, visited or mailed your prospects and clients directly. As technology progressed, you might have faxed them. If someone wanted to find you, they could visit your booth at a trade show or look up your phone number and address in a physical directory.

Then the Internet came along, and things got interesting. Now a lot more people could find you much more easily – and you could collect leads more easily, too, because your website had a nifty neato contact form for site visitors to submit.

Then hackers ruined everything by finding ways to automatically fill in and submit the contact forms on websites. Some of these submissions were cold calls, some were mere nuisances and some were actual hazards containing malicious code.

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Are you Giving Your Top Salesperson the Tools She Needs?

Investing in SEO is akin to giving your best salesperson everything they need to be a top performer.

Are you Giving Your Top Salesperson the Tools She Needs?

If you own your business or manage the sales organization, you’re likely in tune with the specific things your sales team needs to be effective for your company:

  • Access to leads or contact list, a phone, email, maybe a car, and a good CRM to track results;
  • Appropriate supporting sales literature and training on how your products and services benefit your customers;
  • A marketing strategy and organizational support for the quoting and sales process;
  • Incentivizing compensation;
  • An environment that encourages productive independence, with accountability to the company to meet organizational goals;
  • Personal benefits, like sick pay, vacation time and a 401K, that help your employees feel valued and empowered to be the best at what they do.

But, what if, in providing all these things to your sales organization, you were ignoring the vital needs of someone who could be your top producer?

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