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Harnessing the Power of Google (February 2021)
Are you taking full advantage of all the traffic Google can send you? Also in this issue: Know when it's time to redesign.

Nine Clues It's Time to Redesign Your Website (January 2021)
Time files, and your web design maybe more outdated than you think. Also in this issue: Aftermath of another Google algorithm update.

1995 vs. 2020: SEO, Website Design & Beyond (December 2020)
Check out our deconstruction of the last two and a half decades. Also in this issue: Tips to improve your blogging.

Blogging Demystified (October 2020)
Read our tutorial to get the most out of your blogging efforts. Also in this issue: Today's Google reality.

Do the Old SEO Tricks Still Work? (September 2020)
Discover what it takes to rank on Page 1 today. Also in this issue: Boost your site speed for maximum effect.

Making Websites Accessible for All (August 2020)
Learn how ADA compliance can boost your website. Also in this issue: Site audits offer important advantages.

Auditing Your Website to Boost Performance (July 2020)
Read seven tips that will help improve your website performance. Also in this issue: Site speed and other metrics come to the fore.

Google Adds Emphasis on User Experience (June 2020)
Find out how Google plans to change its algorithm to include user experience indicators. Also in this issue: How to execute content marketing during a pandemic.

Content Marketing Tips for the New Normal (May 2020)
Learn about how content marketing can still be effective, even in a pandemic. Also in this issue: Good backlinks can be found surprisingly close to home.

Polysort ReLaunch (April 2020)
Read about the go-to online directory for the rubber and plastics industry. Also in this issue: Pilot Fish offices closed Friday, April 10.

2020 SEO Tips: Play to Win (February 2020)
Discover useful strategies to help your website succeed at the SEO game. Also in this issue: A new round of Google algorithm changes shakes things up.

Are You Ready for Millennial Customers? (August 2019)
Find out what you need to do to appeal to this new type of purchaser. Also in this issue: The updated Periodic Table of SEO Factors.

More Google Algorithm Changes Mean More Work for Website Owners  (April 2019)
Learn what you need to do to survive the latest updates. Also in this issue: Using social media to promote B2B websites.

Common Sense B2B SEO  (October 2018)
Discover practical, straightforward tactics to help your website flourish. Also in this issue: Retaining your SEO when you secure your website.

Branding Benefits for Companies of Any Size  (July 2018)
Learn how careful branding can boost your marketing efforts. Also in this issue: How to find the right distribution service for your press release.

GDPR Requirements & Your Corporate Website  (June 2018)
FInd out how the European Union's new privacy regulations might affect your website. Also in this issue: Google's push to mobile-first indexing and what it means for you.

Google Algorithm Change Muddies the SEO Waters  (May 2018)
Gain important insights into the latest changes in Google's search algorithm and what they mean for your website. Also in this issue: Using an online photo gallery to its greatest effect.

5 Useful Website Design Tips to Help You Avoid a Design Debacle (March 2018)
Learn how to use the latest design trends to give your corporate website an edge - without sending your site visitors over one. Also in this issue: Getting the most from your company's blog.

4 SEO Tips to Give Your Website a Boost at Home and Abroad (February 2018)
Find out how B2B SEO can help your foreign-language websites rank well on the search engines in your target regions. Also in this issue: SEO basics that can help nearly any type of content perform better.

Keeping an Eye on Discrepancies in Google Analytics (January 2018)
Understand how inconsistencies in Google's traffic reports can affect your SEO. Also in this issue: SEO resolutions from New Years Past that stand the test of time.

Prepare for 2018 Now with Keyword Research (December 2017)
Learn how to get your 2018 Internet marketing off on the right foot with the best search terms for your target audience. Also in this issue: Our five most popular blogs from 2017.

Using SEO and Web Design to Boost Your Lead Generation (October 2017)
Discover how giving your site visitors what they want can benefit your company. Also in this issue: Surviving a domain name change with your search engine rankings intact.

Get a Handle on Google's Changes Now, Before Those Changes Handle You (September 2017)
Find out how to navigate the latest Google changes, both to its algorithm and to its analytics reporting. Also in this issue: Finding the right press release distribution service.

Buy American is Good Advice When it Comes to B2B SEO (June 2017)
Learn the benefits that homegrown SEO can have for your corporate website. Also in this issue: Password protection tips.

Position Your Website to Take Advantage of Today's Economic Advances (April 2017)
Discover whether your Internet marketing is ready capitalize on the accelerating growth in manufacturing. Also in this issue: How to preserve your SEO when switching to a new domain name.

Time to Review Your CMS-Based Website? (March 2017)
Review tips to keep your website looking -- and working -- right. Also in this issue: 5 simple tasks to keep your website running well.

Get Your B2B SEO Off on the Right Foot (February 2017)
7 tips for improving your website's rankings, site traffic and lead generation. Also in this issue: Motion - properly applied - can benefit your website.

Google's Move to Mobile-First Rankings Affects Your 2017 SEO Strategy (December 2016)
Learn what Google's mobile-first decision means for your corporate site. Also in this issue: Resources to help you decide if responsive design is right for you.

10 Tips to Prepare Your Website for 2017 (November 2016)
Some simple steps to ensure your website properly represents your company in the new year.  Also in this issue: How to make the right decision about your website redesign.

Template vs. Custom Web Design (October 2016)
Is a template design worth the money you'll save?  Also in this issue: Making sense of your Google Analytics.

How to Understand What's Really New in SEO (September 2016)
Seven useful suggestions on how to sift the real SEO news from the hearsay.  Also in this issue: How the most recent Google algorithm update could affect your website's search engine performance

Use SEO Basics to Find the Right Internet Marketing Team for Your Company (August 2016)
Six basic tips to help you find the SEO and web design help you need. Also in this issue: How to use good old-fashioned PR to boost your B2B SEO

Why Google Rankings Drop (July 2016)
Learn the 7 main reasons that Google rankings can unexpectedly drop and how you can recognize their causes. Also in this issue: How to tell if outside forces are affecting your B2B SEO

Delaying Responsive Web Design is No Longer an Option (June 2016)
Discover the 4 major considerations you need to understand before redesigning your website for mobile devices. Also in this issue: The one big reason you should care about B2B SEO

Case Study: T.O. Plastics Takes Internet Marketing to the Next Level (May 2016)
Learn how custom thermoformer T.O. Plastics created a website with a cutting edge look and all the content its customers require. Also in this issue: Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to SEO for your corporate website?

Your Prospects Really Do Want to Read Your On-line Content (April 2016)
See how you can benefit from the online convergence of industrial buyers' and sellers'  needs. Also in this issue: Gearing up for the next round of Google updates

Getting By With a Little Help From Your SEO (March 2016)
Discover how you can turn your SEO frustration into SEO success. Also in this issue: Cheap web hosting can be more expensive than you'd expect

Plan Your SEO to Save Time and Money (February 2016)
Find out how planning ahead can spare your company costly SEO mistakes. Also in this issue: The role research plays in successful website redesign

What's More Important: Social Media or SEO? (January 2016)
Learn how social media and SEO differ and what that difference means for your company. Also: TopSEOs.com lists Pilot Fish among leading web companies

Six Tips to Launch Your Redesigned Website on Time and on Budget (December 2015)
Discover some basic steps to take to keep your next website project on the right track. Also: Getting the organization-wide buy-in necessary to launch the website your company needs

SEO is the Top Priority for Industrial Marketers (November 2015)
Learn why industrial companies consider SEO their main priority and what value SEO provides for your business. Also: The value of SEO to your business

Twenty Years' Worth of Internet Marketing Lessons (September 2015)
Benefit from the expertise that Pilot Fish President Angela Charles has accrued in her 20 years as an industrial marketer. Also: SEO copywriting tips for a new Google world

Linking as a Top SEO Factor (August 2015)
Discover the factors successful industrial marketers emphasize in their SEO programs. Also: why the keyword meta tag is still useful

Has Your Site Survived the Latest Google Updates? (July 2015)
Find out what you need to know about the effect Google's major updates could have on your website. Also: don't let spammers hijack your Google Analytics

Marking Our 20th Anniversary (June 2015)
A lot can happen in 20 years - read about the major changes that have occurred within our company and how they reflect the broader growth of industrial marketing. Also: identifiying the right SEO factors is only half the battle

Optimizing PDFs for Maximum Effect (May 2015)
Learn how your website can benefit from the search engines' ability to index PDFs. Also: a website redesign for all the right reasons

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