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SEO Tips at the Heart of Updated SEO Periodic Table


It’s that time of year again, and Search Engine Land has released a new version of its SEO Periodic Table, much like the Email Marketing Periodic Table we discussed last month.

The infographic, laid out like the scientific periodic table of elements, is stuffed full of useful SEO tips to help guide any search engine optimization program.

The main table is divided into six sections that can have a positive impact on a site’s SEO:

  • Content
  • Architecture
  • HTML
  • Reputation
  • Links
  • User

Let’s unpack the SEO tips included in each section.


This segment comprises seven elements. Quality reinforces the importance of high-quality content on web pages, while Research addresses the need to adequately investigate keywords. In that same vein, Keywords focuses on the necessity of incorporating the keywords you research into the high-quality content you write.

The Answers element speaks to the value of providing direct answers in your content, which can then be found in search engine results. Depth and Freshness reference the fact that content needs to be in-depth and up to date. Shallow, stale content should be rewritten or retired.

Multimedia illustrates the usefulness of images, infographics, videos and other media in creating a well-optimized web page.


The SEO tips in this category include items like the need for search engines to be able to Crawl your website, as well as the importance of optimizing for Google’s Mobile First initiative.

This section also emphasizes actions like avoiding Duplicate content, ensuring site visitors and search engine robots can understand a page’s Structure, building keywords into your page URLs and employing the HTTPS protocol to boost security for site visitors.


This segment covers nuts-and-bolts concepts, such as incorporating keywords into your Titles and Headings. Other important HTML elements are accurate meta Descriptions for each page and Image ALT text to improve image optimization.


This section’s SEO tips address the big three: Expertise, Authority and Trust. Google uses these concepts to judge the value and relevance of web pages.


The elements in this segment relate to Link Quality – the importance of securing links from trusted web sites – and Quantity – the more trusted backlinks, the better. The Anchors element addresses the need for the words in the backlink to match the page it links to.


This section’s elements include a good User Experience that makes site visitors want to come back to your site and learn more. Other elements address concepts like considering the Intent of a site visitor’s specific search and ensuring Visitor Engagement with your web pages.


The SEO tips in the Periodic Table also address factors labeled Toxins that can negatively affect your website’s SEO. They include the dangers of keyword Stuffing, as well as Hiding keywords and Cloaking a web page by displaying different content to search engines and site visitors.


A new section of the Periodic Table specifically looks at elements for Local, News and Ecommerce.

The ecommerce SEO tips include elements like good Product Descriptions, an intuitive site Architecture and an easy-to-read URL structure.

Get the Help You Need

The SEO Periodic Table provides a great overview of important SEO tips, but creating and implementing an effective strategy can be daunting. Pilot Fish has years of experience in helping manufacturers develop web sites that perform well on the search engines. Contact us today for the assistance you need.


A new section of the Periodic Table specifically looks at elements for Local, News and Ecommerce.