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Is Your Website Ready for Growth?


2020 was a tough year for manufacturers. Covid-19 and the resulting economic slowdown put a dent in business for many companies.

Corporate Optimism Grows

But 2021 looks to be a better year, at least according to the results of MNI’s 2021 Survey of Manufacturers. According to the report, 47% of respondents expect business to return to normal this year, while 77% are somewhat to very optimistic about 2021 business conditions.

Other key take-aways include:

  • 40% are planning or considering a facility expansion or upgrade
  • 62% plan to source more domestic suppliers
  • 62% expect to increase production

The most recent NAM Manufacturer’s Outlook Survey backs up those findings, with 88% of NAM respondents either somewhat or very optimistic about the future. On average, NAM respondents also said they expect sales and production to both grow 4.9% by the beginning of 2022.

Preparing for Battle

With manufacturing poised for growth this year, you need to make sure your company is positioned to take full advantage of the potential for new business. Your corporate website plays a critical role in this process. In fact, most industrial buyers say they rely on company websites for information on products and services.

But is your website up to the task? Now is a great time to assess the effectiveness of your website and make any necessary adjustments.

Effectiveness Checklist

Here are some key considerations you can use to judge your website:

  1. Does the look and feel match the desired image for your company?
    First impressions count, and an outdated website design is a surefire way to turn off site visitors. Their subconscious reaction to the look and feel of your site has a direct effect on how visitors feel about your company.
  2. Is your website ADA-compliant?
    The Americans with Disabilities Act does apply to websites. Conforming with accessibility standards is the right thing to do, not only from a legal standpoint but also from the perspective of any site visitors who have disabilities.
  3. Is the content accurate?
    It’s easy to forget that five years ago you wrote about your “25-year-old company” and that it should say “30-year-old” now. But inaccuracies chip away at the trust your site visitors have for your company. They also impact your site’s overall trustworthiness, which is a key part of Google’s search algorithm.
  4. Does the site present the full range of your products and services?
    In the push for increased sales, it’s not surprising that a new product or service doesn’t get added to a website. If you want to generate leads from your site, though, you need to make sure your offerings are complete.
  5. Are there missing images on any page?
    Sites age over time, and, just like with cars, things can break and need repaired. While they’re a natural occurrence, it still pays to fix missing images, because they affect the credibility of your website and, by extension, your company.
  6. Are there broken links?
    Broken links are like missing images. They happen, and they need to be fixed.
  7. Is there a compelling call to action on each page?
    Even on a page with good content, site visitors still need that extra nudge to contact your company. Give it to them with a great call to action.
  8. Is your company’s contact information easy to find?
    Your business address and contact details contribute to a sense of credibility, confirming for site visitors that, yes, they’re dealing with a real company.  Don’t make them hunt for that proof.
  9. Does your contact form work?
    A compelling call to action will get site visitors to your contact page, but you’ll never get the lead if the form doesn’t work. Submit a test of the form and make sure it shows up the way it should.
  10. Do your title and meta description tags entice searchers to click on your link in Google?
    The title and description appear with your link in Google’s search results. Make sure they give searchers a reason to visit your website.
  11. Does your site have a blog?
    A blog is a great way to demonstrate your company’s authoritativeness and expertise, both to site visitors and to Google, which considers those characteristics as part of its algorithm.
  12. Is your site fast enough?
    The need for speed is real. A download time of more than three seconds results in potential site visitors clicking off and looking for your competitors instead.

Get the Help You Need

Does your website need a little polishing – or a complete overhaul? Pilot Fish has more than 25 years of experience helping manufacturers get the most out of their websites. Our extensive web design skills and content writing expertise generate leads for our clients. Contact us today to discover how Pilot Fish can make a difference for your company.


Most industrial buyers say they rely on company websites for information on products and services.