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Are You Getting the Most out of Google Organic Search?

Google organic search is the #1 resource used to find industrial products and services. Imagine if your website appeared on Page 1 of Google for high-value keywords to your business. How much website traffic and how many more additional business leads could you expect? What’s the magic number?

If you don’t employ search engine optimization (SEO) to position your website on Page 1 of Google organic search, your website AND your company are missing out on a lot of site traffic and new business leads.

How do we know that? It’s all in the numbers.

Companies Using SEO Report Better Results

Pilot Fish tracks the website traffic and leads of its SEO clients and is able to compare that to companies that don’t employ SEO.

Here’s what we know from that research:

  1. Companies that are committed to SEO are ranking on Page 1 of Google search for a broad array of keywords that will help prospective customers find them.
  2. Those Page 1 rankings on Google search are generating traffic to our clients’ sites. That traffic is highly qualified, based on the keyword phrases used to reach those sites and the number of leads our clients receive from having higher website traffic.
  3. Companies that do not use SEO oftentimes don’t give credence to the ability of their websites to generate a significant number of leads because it doesn’t happen now.
  4. Well-optimized websites get a majority of their traffic from one source: Google organic search.
  5. Companies that have succeeded with SEO are willing to attest that it works.

How much traffic are they generating?

The Magic Number

54%. That’s the magic number. Pilot Fish clients generate on average 54% of their website traffic from one source: Google’s organic search results. And half of our clients generate more!

Take a look at your Google Analytics. If Google organic search isn’t generating the majority of your site’s traffic, then there’s work to be done to optimize your site for higher search rankings, more site traffic and, yes, more new business leads.

Aside from reviewing your Google Analytics, how can you determine whether your site would benefit from improving its rankings in Google organic search?

Can your Site Traffic, Leads be Improved?

Pilot Fish’s experienced web design and SEO team has worked with industrial companies like yours for the past 25 years. Need a redesign? We can do that too. Our expertise with industrial companies sets us apart from other SEO or web development firms that don’t have the industrial experience to make the right recommendations for your business.

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Companies that have succeeded with SEO are willing to attest that it works.