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SEO Linkbuilding: Look for Backlinks within Your Industry

No doubt you’ve seen this on Google: A website on the first page of results that looks terrible, doesn’t seem to have much useful info and, yet, performs really well on the search engine. You might be even more frustrated because you’ve already spent a considerable amount of time optimizing your own site for SEO and wonder whether those efforts are wasted.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the details that go into optimizing one’s website. There are many content-related factors and technical SEO considerations. But, that’s not the end of it. One-half of Google’s algorithm, about 100 different factors, relate to what we call Off-Page SEO – the number and quality of backlinks to your site from third-party links.

We call the process of building backlinks “linkbuilding” and, yes, it’s important to SEO.

Google uses backlinks as a measurement of your site’s authority within its industry, a way to distinguish between sites of similar content and size. The logic is that a site with more high-quality backlinks is more established and well known within its industry.  Thus, it’s a good site to show up on the first page of Google.

There are a variety of reputable sources you can tap for SEO linkbuilding purposes.  The best place to start is right within your industry.

Trade Publication Supplier Directories

Most trade publications are online now, and many feature advertising opportunities within supplier directories. You’ll have to pay for the listing and, in some cases, the cost can be hefty. Ads and listings with lots of bells and whistles may or may not be worth the cost depending on the popularity of the site and the number of people who visit it.

From an SEO standpoint, the most important element of a listing in a trade publication directory is getting a listing that includes a live link back to your site (that’s a backlink).  Anything additional would be considered good for brand building.

Industry Portals 

Similar to trade publications but usually more streamlined in scope are industry portals, which exist only online.

An example of one is our own portal site Polysort, which was the first industry portal for the plastics and rubber industry, launched in 1995. Polysort is entirely an industry directory, with listings organized into more than 70 categories, providing company information, contact info and backlinks, with several tiers of listings that enable companies to promote their capabilities, products and services.

Industry portals, including Polysort, typically charge less for listings than what you would spend for other industry listings but can be just as valuable in your SEO linkbuilding efforts.

Trade Association Member Directories

Membership in trade associations has a lot of benefits, i.e. educational opportunities, a voice in state or federal regulatory affairs, networking and more. Some trade associations have built elaborate websites to manage their affairs and communications and published member directories online.

To meet the standard for SEO linkbuilding, the member directory listing should include a live link to your website.

Trade Show Exhibitor Directories

When planning an exhibit at a trade show, so much time can be spent on the details for your booth that you may have forgotten about the promotion needed to get people there.

Trade show organizers have done a good job of providing ways for exhibitors to promote their companies and booth locations, including the exhibitor directory on their site.  Don’t forget to populate that listing with details show visitors would want to know about your exhibit and include a link to your website – another great SEO linkbuilding opportunity.

Just the Beginning

SEO linkbuilding within your industry provides a good jump start in your off-page SEO efforts, but it doesn’t stop there. To set your company apart from your competitors, you’ll need to employ an active SEO linkbuilding program that reaches beyond your industry to other sites and platforms and continues to grow the overall number of quality backlinks.

That’s where an experienced SEO company can help.  Contact Pilot Fish to start your SEO linkbuilding program.



Google uses backlinks as a measurement of your site's authority within its industry