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The Difference Between Meta Keywords Tag and Keywords

We still talk to prospects who believe that search engine optimization is as simple as just “updating the meta keywords.” The truth is, the meta keywords tag has not been in use by Google for quite some time.

So, why the continued confusion about keywords if Google doesn’t recognize the meta keywords tag?

Google doesn’t use the meta keywords tag, but it does use keywords to help identify a web site’s relevance to a user’s search. The search engine looks for keywords in the page content, the URL, the title tag, and descriptions tag as it ranks your web site against those of competitors. How often and where you use keywords and the quality of the keywords is critical.  The best quality keywords are those that are most commonly used by Internet users searching for your products or services.

A well-designed SEO program starts with keyword research to determine the best keywords for your business.  Although you may feel you know your industry well enough to identify the keywords, chances are there are some terms to which you mistakenly would give too much importance and other important terms you might not think to use at all.

A keyword research project will define the best set of keywords on which to focus and then provide the road map for implementing a successful SEO strategy. This will include making improvements to the other meta tags that do hold some importance to the way a site is interpreted by search engines, creating site content that is meaningful to both the site visitors and search engines, and developing a successful inbound link strategy that will help prove your website’s case to the search engines for its importance in your market or industry.

Pilot Fish provides comprehensive SEO programs that include each of these elements – SEO keyword research, SEO copywriting services and off-page SEO.

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A well-designed SEO program starts with keyword research to determine the best keywords for your business