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Does Your Industrial Website Factor in Millennial Buyers?

We hear a lot of news coverage about the impact that the millennial generation (those born from 1981-1996) will have on our society. But what about your business? Younger millennials have grown up with computers and the internet as an integral part of their lives. So, not surprisingly, they’re accustomed to researching and shopping online and have much different expectations of websites than folks in older generations.

Engineers, purchasing managers, company owners in the millennial generation are viewing your site in significant numbers. And their impact on your business is increasing with each passing year. Is your website set up to meet the needs of these tech-savvy visitors?

Here are some factors to address to improve your website’s interaction with millennials:

1. Means of Contact

First, it’s important to know that millennials have a “don’t call me, I’ll call you” mindset and, therefore, do not like cold calls or unsolicited emails. In fact, they don’t like to be contacted at all, at least initially. When they are interested in a product or service, they prefer to do their own online research first. When they are ready, they will make the initial contact. That means, companies need to be prepared in advance and well-equipped with the information that millennials are potentially searching for, and, a means for these individuals to make contact when they are prepared to do so.

Your contact information should be clear and accessible from every page of your website. Providing many channels of communication is highly recommended, such as:

  • Live Chat Option
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Forms

2. Technical Performance

  • Design for mobile.  Millennials do most of their searching through mobile devices. A responsive website that will render on all devices, with a mobile-first approach, is imperative. The mobile site should be a simplified version of the website. Unnecessary content and images should be removed. It should be easy to navigate and easy to read on mobile devices. Only core content and a clear call to action should be included.
  • Focus on site speed.  Millennials live in a world of instant gratification and tend to have a very low tolerance for slow-loading pages. They are drawn toward sites that load instantly. Statistics show that they will leave in a matter of a few seconds if a page has not loaded.
  • Optimize for Google.  In order for millennials to find you, your site has to be properly optimized for Google. Improving your organic Google rankings should be the focus of attention when marketing to this demographic. In a survey of millennials on big tech firms they trust, Google had the second highest score behind Amazon. Ignore your SEO at your own peril.

3.  Readability and Visual Hierarchy

Information on your products and services should be easy to read quickly because millennials tend to scan through information at a fast pace. Use visual hierarchy techniques, such as:

  • Bold-Faced Type
  • Bullet Points
  • Horizontal Rules
  • Accents of Color
  • Size Variations of Elements
  • White Space

4.  Visual Content

  • Include images that are captivating and that accentuate the message. Provide attractive, fast-loading images that quickly tell a story. Include images that are fun and welcoming, but meaningful and not overwhelming or a distraction from the message.
  • Videos are preferred. Provide informational and/or instructional videos. Millennials would prefer to watch videos rather than read long blocks of text. This satisfies their need for instant gratification and time efficiency.

5.   Self-Service Information

Millennials want to be able to solve their own problems, so online customer service resources should be readily available. If possible, provide self-service solutions such as:

  • FAQ Section
  • Customer reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Help Section
  • Tutorials

6. Interaction and Influence

  • Have a social media presence. Millennials spend a great deal of their time interacting on social media. So, engaging in social media is a great way to stay on their radar in a non-invasive way. It’s also a way to strengthen your brand and to build trust with this age group. Social media provides a casual, yet valuable platform for interaction, information sharing, updates, promotions, etc.
  • A live chat option is not only a convenient means of contact, but it’s also one of the preferred forms of communication for millennials. It’s a fast, efficient way for them to solve their curiosity and to get questions answered very quickly.
  • Include a blog. Up-to-date blogs not only help with your Google rankings, but they provide a perfect source for sharing informative articles about your company, products and your industry. It opens another door of communication for conversations with millennials, and one that they find valuable.
  • Add customer testimonials. Millennials value user-generated content and, in particular, customer reviews more so than company claims of performance.  A survey of millennials showed that 84% said they are influenced in what they buy by user-generated content, and the same percentage said they don’t trust traditional advertising.

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Millennials value user-generated content and, in particular, customer reviews more so than company claims of performance.