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Tips for Adding an Image Gallery to Your Website

A website image gallery can be a dynamic and interactive way to share groups of images with your website visitors. Some galleries can be useful for maximizing website real estate, displaying a collection of numerous images in a small space, instead of having to scroll or click from page to page to see the images. Others can display a number of images at once making it fast and easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. There is a vast array of galleries available to choose from for whatever your goals are for displaying images on your site. So, how do you begin to select the right gallery for your website? Below are some tips to help you begin the process.

  1. Examine the layouts that are available online. Find and test available image galleries and decide which display you would like best for your website.

    Here are just a few of the countless formats that are available for image galleries:

    • Carousel
      Revolving images that automatically rotate, or, are controlled by the user by clicking the arrow buttons.

    • Basic grid
      A gallery with fixed image sizes throughout and organized in rows and columns.

    • Irregular blocks/Masonry grid
      Randomly sized images arranged in a grid format without fixed rows.

    • Basic slider
      One image appears at a time with slider controls to move to the next, or previous, image.

    • Automatic Slideshow
      A slider that automatically transitions from one image to the next. (If you choose an automatic slideshow, create a slow transition through the slides. Fast transitions can be distracting and annoying. Choose an option that allows visitors to remain on an image or click forward or backward at their leisure.)

    • Large Image with Thumbnail Display
      Once the thumbnail of an image is selected, a large version of that image appears in the window above.

  2. Explore the flexibility of the gallery features. Find out if the gallery you are considering will allow you to:
    • Adjust column spacing
    • Choose the number of columns
    • Add captions if you would like to include them
    • Choose fonts and font styles
    • Add borders and/or shadows


  3. Consider compatibility. 
    • The image gallery that you choose must be compatible with your website and/or content management system – before investing time looking for a gallery, discuss the idea with your tech support or web development company to find out which galleries will be compatible with your site.
    • Hopefully, your current website is already responsive. You will also want to verify that the website gallery you choose functions properly and renders well on all devices.


  4. Review image availability. If you are considering an image gallery for your website, you will need to compile enough high-quality images to populate the gallery. Including a large number of low-quality images won’t enhance your presentation and should not be included. Include only relevant, good-quality images that enhance your site’s ability to gain the trust of your visitors.

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Discuss the idea with your tech support or web development company to find out which galleries will be compatible with your site.